How to pimp your Instagram Story – design creative stories by using the text tool

Ahoi Kaptens, we have created something for all you Instagram admirers. Along with our presets that we launched last winter, we now designed some colorful summer stickers that you can download for free. Those make every story stand out – whether you are a beginner or already advanced in the Instagram game. You can find the link to download the stickers at the end of this blog post. And for those of you, who want to learn more interesting tips and tricks on how to pimp your Instagram story, we have summarized the ultimate design ideas in this Instagram-Story-Guide.

Let’s start simple: Most of you should already be familiar with the text tool. It hides behind the “Aa” symbol and not only lets you choose between different fonts and colors, but also the position of the text and its background. If this info doesn’t rock your boat then the following tips will allow you to reach your creative potential.

3D-Text and Shading   

With this easy tip you can create a shadow for your writing, giving your text a 3D effect. How to do this: Copy your text and then paste it in the same font. To get the 3D effect, just change the color of the copied text and position it a little bit behind the original text – very simple but at the same time very effective. Our tip: Try this effect using the “modern” font on Instagram as we think it works the best in that writing.

The Bead Chain Text

Childhood memory alert: Do you remember the stylish bracelets and necklaces with single letters on the square beads? They are currently experiencing a comeback as jewelry and even in your Instagram story they can be used as a great design. You can create this by using the “classic” font on Instagram and typing each letter by itself, adding a white background to it. Position the letter squares next to each other – for the classic retro look you should keep the letters in black. For those of you who like it colorful, you can also change the background color making it fit to your story tone.

Box and Bars

As mentioned before, Instagram lets you change the background of your text. You can use this feature to create boxes and bars by simply pressing the space key on your keyboard multiple times until the box has the desired size. Make sure you are using the font that has the background option, those are only “typewriter” and “strong”.The font “classic” only works when you type an extra dot. With this you can create various designs since you can also make the background on this font transparent.

Fairy Lights and Lines

Another creative application the text tool can be used for is the arrangement of lines and fairy lights for your Instagram story. To create the fairy lights, choose the font “neon” and add a row of dots. For the lines we recommend to use fonts like “classic”, “typewriter” or “strong” and then add a row of underlines “_”.

Are you ready to give your Instagram Story a little update now? Then feel free to use our Instagram story ideas in combination with our new sticker collection. In time for the summer season we have created bright stickers that fit any sunny situation. Click on the download here and save the stickers in your camera roll. To use the summer stickers in your Instagram story you just have to copy the image of your choice and then paste it in your story, using the text tool. So what are you waiting for? Now you can design a real eyecatcher Instagram story that also stands out.  



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