Retro Vibes Incoming – The New Williamsburg by Joann van den Herik

She mesmerizes everyone, is one of the most famous body positivity influencers in the Netherlands and has a little thing for crystals – that’s right, we’re talking about none other than Joann van den Herik! The charismatic blogger inspires her huge community with her happiness and strength on a daily basis, and this time we had the pleasure of working with her on a design collaboration. The result: the new “Williamsburg by joannvdherik“, which will be available from April 24th in a very limited number in our online shop!

But first, let’s talk about Joann: If you don’t know her yet, you will surely fall in love with her right away! The joyous Joann advocates for countless issues, including physical and mental health, equality and inclusion. It’s no coincidence that she’s one of the most well-known body positivity influencers in the Netherlands. And besides her crystal collection, her family is particularly close to her heart. On top of that, she’s also an ambassador for the “Free A Girl” foundation, which rescues girls from exploitation around the world. This is also the reason why we decided to make this collaboration more than just a design collaboration. Together with Joann, we decided that a portion of the revenues earned from this sunglasses collaboration will be donated to that organization. Because not only do the shared values connect us with Joann but also the goal to change the world step by step and make a statement about it.

Last but not least, we want to introduce to you the timeless it-piece that Joann created with us. As you can already see, she chose the unisex vintage design of the “Williamsburg” sunglasses. The frame comes in a beautiful golden tone, which is the perfect combination to the warm brown lenses. The lenses come in a striking gradient color, giving them an urban retro charm. Joann has met the current fashion trends and designed this amazing must-have accessory for all fashion lovers.

So don’t miss out on this highlight, because you certainly don’t want to be without it this upcoming summer season! Have a great day!



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