Do you ever get that feeling? You stand in front of your closet in the morning and ask yourself: “What should I wear today? Even though your closet is bursting with options. True to the motto Unlock your Style we want to motivate you today to dare a new perspective on your wardrobe and round off your look with new accessories. In our luggage we have a watch model that not only mixes up our portfolio, but also your style. Introducing our new Tresor watch. What’s behind the new model, you ask? The watch comes in a modern square design and in the center the dial surrounded by a delicate grooved sunray cut. This aesthetic 3D effect makes the watch an extravagant piece of jewelry that will enhance any outfit. But that’s not all! The heart of the Tresor is actually hidden inside – the clockwork of the Swiss manufacturer Ronda makes the watch a long-lasting companion at your side. In addition, with the loving details of the case, a chunky-linked bracelet with a practical butterfly lock frames the model and wraps perfectly around your wrist. With this striking yet exquisite look, the Tresor becomes the center of your style.

On top of that comes the watch’s top-notch choice of materials. It is the second watch in our range to be made entirely of recycled stainless steel, making it the premium model among watches. It also comes in 5 different colorways, giving you the freedom to choose any look you want. Delicate Gold Cream or rather classic Silver Black, it’s entirely up to you. But no matter which variant you choose, you will certainly look and feel fashionable with any of the Tresor watches!



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