Once again there is new news! In time for the spring season, we have a new collection of backpacks – the Allrounder Series. New styles, new colors and a whole new product for your daily needs. Still looking for the perfect bag for your daily essentials? Or are you missing the right companion for everyday activities like university, school, shopping and sports? No problem, we have the solution for all your needs!

The Allrounder

On the one hand, there is our new model: the Copenhagen Backpack. The edgy backpack is casual and elegant at the same time, and fits every occasion with its minimalist design. Whether you’re on your way to the gym or want to quickly go to the café in the city, with this backpack you have the perfect accessory. The edgy design is adaptable and offers enough space for your everyday essentials. There’s even room for an 11-inch tablet inside. The Copenhagen is your backpack if you love practicality but don’t want to sacrifice the urban look.

Another novelty of our Allrounder-Series are the Laptop Sleeves! Yes, you heard it right! After a long wait, we have finally designed a sleeve for your laptops and tablets. The new Vinstra impresses not only with its functionality, but also thanks to its cool and stylish design. Besides the fact that it protects all 11, 14 & 16 inch devices with an additional padded inner compartment, it also has some functional details to offer. Like the practical case holder on the outside of the bag, which makes it a lightweight travel companion or the additional outer compartment, which offers space for charging cables and USB sticks. Have the key facts already won you over? Then choose the right size and make the Vinstra your daily companion!

Lastly, we have some stylish color updates that usher in the approaching spring! From sage green, to clay brown, to grey, it’s all here. First, there’s our new Colorway “Muted Sage Sprinkled”, a natural shade of green that is currently catching on as a trendy color. And for good reason too, we think. Another new Colorway is “Oyster”, which is a finely balanced shade between cool grey and warm brown. The ideal shade that can be combined with both strong contrasts and restrained colors. And don’t forget “Muted Clay Sprinkled”, our new brown shade, which radiates an incredible amount of warmth thanks to its slight tint of rusty brown. You’ll find the new colors among many of our new styles, but also among our old favorites, like the Fyn and the Sveg Chest Bag.

Just take a look to see if your new everyday all-rounder is included and maybe you’ll discover your new favorite soon!



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