After jointly designed sunglasses and prescription glasses in the same style, now comes the matching backpack! The lovely Vanessa graces us now for the third time with a new fashion creation from her unique fashion sense. As one of our longest standing partners, she has accompanied us for more than 2 years. Therefore, for us there was no question that the collaboration should go into the third round this year. May we introduce to you – the Aalborg by Vanezia Blum! Starting 04/24/2022 you can grab the backpack online as well as in our stores.


Most of you surely know Vanessa from her Instagram channel @vanezia_blum. There she takes her nearly 350 thousand followers through everyday life and on trips. But a special topic close to Vanessa’s heart is first and foremost animal welfare. For years she has been passionately committed to the animals of this world, whether stray dogs in Greece, animal rescue centers in Romania or support for animal shelters in Germany. The focus is always on the chance of a happy life for animals of all kinds.
And this motto does not only apply to animal rescue, Vanessa also stands up for the topics feminism and self-love and encourages young women to stand up for themselves with self-confidence. We are happy to have such a lovely and authentic creator at our side!  


In addition to her activist commitment, Vanessa also has a pretty deft hand for fashion, which can already be admired with her own label: Vanezia. She also applied this fashion talent to the creation of her backpack. The choice for the model was our new Aalborg. With its completely expandable back and front and outer pockets, the Aalborg is a real space miracle. Vanessa has reinterpreted the classic backpack design! You can expect a stylish, peachy beige tone combined with a soft cream-beige and intricate golden details. A subtle color combination that is perfect for spring!

Just like the last collaborations, the sale of the backpack is meant to support animal welfare, which is why 5€ per sold backpack will be donated to Save the Dogs in Kallikratia e.V. again. They are committed to animal welfare in Greece and have been supported by Vanessa on a voluntary basis for a long time.

Doing something good will be easier than ever! The quantities of the backpack are limited though, so be quick and snatch up the Aalborg by Vanezia Blum!

Have an awesome day! 🤗 

Once again there is new news! In time for the spring season, we have a new collection of backpacks – the Allrounder Series. New styles, new colors and a whole new product for your daily needs. Still looking for the perfect bag for your daily essentials? Or are you missing the right companion for everyday activities like university, school, shopping and sports? No problem, we have the solution for all your needs!

The Allrounder

On the one hand, there is our new model: the Copenhagen Backpack. The edgy backpack is casual and elegant at the same time, and fits every occasion with its minimalist design. Whether you’re on your way to the gym or want to quickly go to the café in the city, with this backpack you have the perfect accessory. The edgy design is adaptable and offers enough space for your everyday essentials. There’s even room for an 11-inch tablet inside. The Copenhagen is your backpack if you love practicality but don’t want to sacrifice the urban look.

Another novelty of our Allrounder-Series are the Laptop Sleeves! Yes, you heard it right! After a long wait, we have finally designed a sleeve for your laptops and tablets. The new Vinstra impresses not only with its functionality, but also thanks to its cool and stylish design. Besides the fact that it protects all 11, 14 & 16 inch devices with an additional padded inner compartment, it also has some functional details to offer. Like the practical case holder on the outside of the bag, which makes it a lightweight travel companion or the additional outer compartment, which offers space for charging cables and USB sticks. Have the key facts already won you over? Then choose the right size and make the Vinstra your daily companion!

Lastly, we have some stylish color updates that usher in the approaching spring! From sage green, to clay brown, to grey, it’s all here. First, there’s our new Colorway “Muted Sage Sprinkled”, a natural shade of green that is currently catching on as a trendy color. And for good reason too, we think. Another new Colorway is “Oyster”, which is a finely balanced shade between cool grey and warm brown. The ideal shade that can be combined with both strong contrasts and restrained colors. And don’t forget “Muted Clay Sprinkled”, our new brown shade, which radiates an incredible amount of warmth thanks to its slight tint of rusty brown. You’ll find the new colors among many of our new styles, but also among our old favorites, like the Fyn and the Sveg Chest Bag.

Just take a look to see if your new everyday all-rounder is included and maybe you’ll discover your new favorite soon!

Faster than expected, the biggest sale of the year is back! – Black Friday and Cyber Monday are coming up and with them the critical time in which we like to loosen our wallet sometimes a little too far. The days around Black Week means keeping your eyes open for great bargains and discounts. To avoid having to search too long, we’ve listed our all-time favorite products with their discount in this post! – easy shopping! On top of that, here are our tips on how to keep a cool head during Black Week.


  1. Get an overlook 
    Good preparation is key, which is why we recommend you to determine what you need in advance. Make a shopping list of what you’re planning to buy – whether, it’s a gift for your mom or a new laptop. This way you avoid any impulsive purchases and stay relaxed during Black Week. 
  1. Set a price range 
    To avoid waking up with horror about your spendings, think about how much you are willing to spend in advance. In your shopping list, set your maximum budget for individual items right next to them, and you’ll have everything clearly laid out.  
  1. Stay flexible 
    If an offer does not meet your price expectations, it can be quite helpful to look for similar models and color variants. Sometimes there are different discounts based on the design option. This way you have the chance to save even more!  
  1. Do not miss the start  
    Before Black Week starts, check if your favorite brands already announced when their sale starts. Some deals start at the beginning of Black Week, some start on Black Friday, and others on Cyber Monday. With an alarm set for each brand, you’ll be able to keep track of all the sale starts and can be sure not to miss any!  
  1. Set yourself a price alarm clock 
    Another one of those alarm clock tips – but super handy! Online, you’ll find several sites that compare the prices of your favorite products. They notify you when the price drops or reaches your desired level.  

Use this preparation and you’ll never miss a great deal again! So you don’t have to search to long, we’ve put together all the information about our Black Week at a glance: On 19.11. we start with our big sale with discounts up to incredible 50% waiting for you! Until 29.11. you have the chance to shop your favorite items at a reduced price. Want some more inspiration? Enjoy our small selection of our all time favorites: 

It’s that time again! Fall is knocking on the door – the first golden leaves are falling, everyone is throwing on their coats and the boots, and scarves are already being dug out of the closet. And that means shopping week is not far off! In line with the new season, great deals and fall specials are waiting around every corner. We also want to bring you a little joy for the gloomy weather – this year you can expect 15% off our entire assortment until Oct. 11!

But to make sure you don’t fall into shopping fever completely blindsided; we’ve put together a selection of our fall favorites! From small accessories to large backpacks, the right it-pieces for those cold days are waiting for everyone!


Rain and dirt is never problem for these two companions! The Bergen All Black and Fyn Cream Black don’t just look good in the summer. With their timeless and minimalist design, they fit perfectly into any fall outfit and complete your look. The vegan tech material is water-repellent and super easy to clean – so a little rain shower is no problem for these two spacial wonders.

Matching Details – ACCESSOIRES 

The wonderful thought of a golden fall with warm October sun and colorful foliage is not something we want to give up so quickly just yet! Also with our accessories we focused this season on gold! Matching the warm autumn tones, we can recommend you the Grace Gold Green Steel. The precious emerald green dial perfectly matches the warm gold tone of the watch strap. But also a few other accessories fit perfectly into the fall color palette, like the Sveg Sandstone – with its practical inner pockets it helps to keep order in your bag and offers enough possibilities to safely store the important things of everyday life, such as smartphone, keys and wallet.

Glasses Must-Haves

This fall, we’re also opting for golden frames and tortoise patterns on your face. To match the thick knit sweaters that everyone has been secretly looking forward to for a long time, we’re unpacking our round frame glasses again. Whether it’s London, Marais or Belleville, you’re guaranteed to get it right this fall with these styles! Right up front in our opinion is the Marais Sand Tortoise. Its playful pattern and beige-black color scheme make it a true highlight for any outfit. For those who prefer something more simple, we recommend the London Matt Gold.

So Kaptens, get ready for fall and don’t miss out on these must-haves!
Happy Shopping! 🛍

Finally the time has come! We are finally able to reveal our big secret that we’ve been working on for the last few months with the charming and talented singer Sarah Engels! Sarah has proven her knack for hip fashion trends and designed her new backpack for you, the ‘Fyn by Sarah Engels’!


Sarah Engels is also known as “sarellax3” and gives you daily stories under this user name. She gives you an insight into her everyday life as a talented creator and singer, strong business woman and loving mom. Now Sarah has once again proven that she is an absolute all-rounder! With the look of her specially designed backpack model, she has given free rein to her creativity.


The ‘Fyn by Sarah Engels’ impresses above all with its playful design in a stylish color mix of soft taupe-brown and cream-beige tones. The playfulness is also underlined by a brown tassel that additionally spreads hip boho vibes. Depending on your preference, you can also remove the tassel and use it as a keychain! The material of the backpack is made of high quality tech material and recycled PET in embroidered look.

But the ‘Fyn by Sarah Engels’ is not only beautiful to look at – it also has a lot to offer you in terms of functionality! Due to its 14 liter capacity, as well as practical interior and exterior compartments, the interior 15 inch laptop compartment and the padded straps as well as the also padded and ergonomically shaped back, it is perfect as a daily companion for school or university!

We are in love and hope you are too 😊! If so, feel free to share your Fyn backpack with us under the hashtag #KaptenXSarah! And to you, dear Sarah, thank you for the collaboration and the beautiful design of our Fyn backpack model!

We are happy to introduce: the Bergen by Mascha! We designed a backpack in collaboration with Dutch influencer Mascha Feoktistova, also known as Beautygloss on Instagram and Youtube, called the “Bergen by Mascha”.

ABOUT Mascha – Inspiration

Known for her daily vlogs, tutorials and Q&As: the charming influencer Mascha Feoktistova! On her YouTube channel “beautygloss”, she provides her followers with handy tutorials, DIYs, taboo-breaking Q&A’s and storytelling videos. She also has her YouTube channel “Vloggloss”, in which she gives an insight into her daily life as a loving mother of Mila and wife of Gregor. With her backpack model: “Bergen by Mascha”, Mascha has put her versatility into a backpack.


The inspiration for the Bergen by Mascha: A fashionable, minimalistic backpack that is multi-purpose in all aspects of daily life as a mother, entrepreneur and friend. The backpack is ideal as a diaper bag with its large capacity and side pockets for baby-bottles, but it can also be effortlessly transformed into a backpack for leisure or work, thanks to its comfortable handles and padded laptop compartment. The light grey colour makes it super minimalistic and neutral, which makes it suitable for almost any look, and the playful lilac accents make it a real eye-catcher!

It’s been a long, long time – the last week of school, or for some, the last semester… at least that’s how it feels after the summer break with sunny beach vacations and long summer nights! To help you adjust back to the school lifestyle quickly, we would like to present to you our new backpack collection. So if school is in the near future for you, where you will be waiting for that break bell to ring; then you should definitely take a closer look at these three models from our new collection! Of course, the new backpacks are not only suitable for university or school, they are also very fitting for everyday life and are perfect for excursions or city trips.


With the new Aalborg, we have reinterpreted the classic backpack design – the model impresses with its clean and compact design. Thanks to the front and outer pockets, the Aalborg is a real storage wonder and offers enough space for your 14-inch laptop, a water bottle and more. Particularly practical is the large opening front pocket to get a perfect view of the inside without opening up the whole bag. So you can save yourself the annoying digging and searching in the future! Even a ring binder finds its place inside the backpack and through the padded straps the backpack sits comfortably on your shoulders all day. Whether for school, university or a trip with friends – with the Aalborg you got a backpack model of the extra class, which is guaranteed to accompany you for a long time! The model is available in the colors All Black, Sandstone and Sand Black Sprinkled.


Another model in the classic, round backpack shape is the Vardo. Just like the Aalborg, it impresses with its timeless design and easy handling. In contrast to the Aalborg, it is generally a little smaller and has a smaller front compartment, but this does not compromise the backpack! On the contrary, the small front pocket is perfect for the small things of everyday life, such as your smartphone or wallet. Inside the backpack you will find enough space for books, DINA4 books as well as an extra padded laptop compartment, which offers you an optimal opportunity to safely store your laptop. The Vardo is available in three colors, including All Black and Sandstone, as well as our new Muted Clay Sprinkled color. And if you need to pack a little less, the Vardo Small Sandstone and All Black are available in a compact smaller size!


Last but not least we have something very special for you: last season we introduced you to the Pro version of our Lund backpack – now another of our well known models gets an upgrade. The popular Umea becomes the Umea Pro! In the same straightforward shape, but with a new pouch. The backpack with its interchangeable flap becomes a true fashion accessory. The eye-catching highlight is the detachable front pocket, which is magnetic and can be attached on the backpack’s outside or even on the inner compartment of the backpack. So you can vary not only the look, but also the handling. Just the right thing for those of you who want a little more variety in their choice of bags! The extra pocket is perfect to store small utensils, such as a smartphone, wallet or keys separately to avoid long searches. Inside you will find another pocket, as well as a padded laptop compartment, where you can easily store your 13 inch notebook. The new generation of backpacks is available in All Black and Cream Black.

But there is more to introduce than the three new models! In addition, our all-time favorite, the Bergen backpack now also comes in a small version. The little brother/sister comes in All Black, Sandstone and Dusty Rose. We also expanded the color palette of the big Bergen with two more shades, including Muted Sage Sprinkled and Clay Sprinkled. Even more color updates of different models have been added to our assortment, so be sure to check out our shop and discover your new favorites for the upcoming season!

Summer is calling, and so are the adventure times. Therefore, we’ve got you covered with a few travel tips in order to have a great summer, no matter where you’re headed. But that’s not all we are going to talk about – we also would like to show you the perfect companions for each destination. From backpacks to shoulder bags, there’s something here for every traveler type!

Fyn Taupe – Everday Adventures 

You love how traveling lets you quickly escape from your everyday life? To feel the pulse of a foreign city? To return home refreshed and with lots of new memories? Short city trips are becoming more and more popular, especially since they are easy to plan when you are just going away for a weekend. This also applies to one’s luggage choice, it should remain simple and practical – therefore our Fyn “Taupe” is the perfect backpack to accompany you for such a trip. The backpack persuades with its casual look in urban style, as well as with its unexpected spaciousness, which offers plenty of storage space. Practical interior and exterior compartments allow you to easily store even the smallest utensils, which is why the Fyn is the ideal companion for your next city trip. The delicate taupe matches any of your looks and makes the Fyn an absolute must-have when traveling!

Helsinki All Black – feel like going on a hike?

You are on the road a lot? Love to breathe in fresh air at the top of a mountain and unwind for a moment while enjoying the breathtaking view? More and more travelers are drawn to the mountains, especially during Corona times, it’s the perfect place to escape large crowds. It doesn’t matter if you want to visit the Alps or just the woods next door, our Helsinki is your perfect companion for those trips. The minimalistic backpack in black offers a great amount of storage space and is comfortably padded. The all-black design makes it easy to mix and match your modern backpack, so that you can wear it with any outfit. Made from vegan tech material, it’s extremely durable and easy to clean, so it’s ready for your next adventure! And if you’re still looking for inspiration for your next hike, check out our YouTube channel – the lovely @nat_al_ie recorded her trip through the Black Forest there for us!

All Around the World with the Bergen

May we introduce? Our Bergen “Sandstone” – the perfect backpack for everyone who loves the trendy Scandinavian style. With this all-rounder, there are no limits to your travels, whether you are planning on going to the beach or to explore the city – This minimalist backpack convinces with its straightforward design and its high functionality. Through its special straps, it can be worn as a trendy backpack and as a casual tote bag. That is what you call multipurpose at its best! And the practical thing about it, everything fits – laptop, notebook, wallet, cell phone & co – you get to store all your treasures of your everyday life and can even create a style upgrade. Our finest vegan tech material in soft beige promises a particularly natural and warm look that can easily be combined with a variety of outfits. Functional details, water-repellent and high-quality materials make the Bergen “Sandstone” a robust and reliable companion. As a university backpack, school backpack, city backpack, daypack or travel backpack for men and women – with the Bergen “Sandstone” you are perfectly equipped!

Habo All Black – uncomplicated on the road

You like it comfortable and uncomplicated, you don’t want to hold anything in your hands, but still need a few things when going outside or being on the road? Especially when events, concerts and festivals are possible again, our bag cannot be missing! Wherever your way takes you, our Chest Bag Habo “All Black” is the perfect bag for you! Its minimalistic design and practical handling are just as convincing as its cool style. You can easily fit your smartphone, wallet, keys & co. and thanks to the adjustable strap, this chest bag fits everyone. In classic black, the Habo “All Black” is an absolute must-have for all those who love to go through life carefree!

We don’t know about you, but we’re already getting excited for upcoming travels or events, and we hope we inspired you a little and got you excited about where your wanderlust will take you! Here’s to an eventful summer, Kaptens!

Hey Kaptens!

We are back to present our new backpack collection to you! Included are many of our existing models which we have given a fresh color update and also new texture and patterns. Of course, we also designed some entirely new models which we are convinced will stand out with their appearance and functionality. So stay excited because we are about to elaborate a little on our new backpack collection!

A fresh breeze of color

Let’s start this off with some of our smaller updates that we have added, such as the refreshing new colors that perfectly align with the spring season. Our models Tromso and Tromso small, which we just launched last year, received a lot of great feedback from you guys, so we updated the styles with a warm taupe tone – very fitting for the sunnie days that are ahead! Also a very admired model is our Vallen which will get a slightly different color update. This favorite will be available in our classic “Sandstone” color.

In addition, our shoulder bag Vanso will also be offered in a new color – the light blue shines like a perfectly blue sky and is going to be an eye-catcher for every outfit.

New looks with cool updates!

Let’s take a look at the new patterns which we have discovered for ourselves this year! As you might already know, the topic Sustainability is from great importance to us and has become a priority in our product development process. In the past, we have already switched to recycled PET fabric for most of our products. Our new material structure “SustainKnit” consists out of rPET as well and convinces with its knitted texture. At the same time, we are using a unique coating which creates a so-called “lotus effect”, keeping our backpacks water resistant. This new texture is very high quality, making the backpack not only look good but also last long!

But which backpacks are available in this new texture?

Are you already a fan of our Bergen Mint backpack? Then our new Bergen Mint Grey SustainKnit will be the right one for you. This simple and unisex backpack stands out through its new colorway of soft mint and a light grey, giving it a fresh urban look. In the same coloring you can find our backpack model Fyn.

But that is not the only color update our Fyn is getting in this collection. Drum roll please for our new Fyn Black Tangerine. The subtle knitted SustainKnit backpack surprises with its dash of color and even the small tap on the opening flap is in a light orange – so a real highlight for everyone that likes it casual and at the same time modern. Last but not least, we are releasing the Fyn Sandstone SustainKnit. By adding the new material mix to the beige color, the style becomes very charming while also being practical!

And since we are already talking about the “Sandstone” color, our shoulder bag Vanso will also be offered in this classic beige tone plus the SustainKnit, so it automatically becomes an eye-catcher for your daily strolls.

Next to our new SustainKnit we are introducing another new pattern for our backpacks to you! The sprinkled material is a recycling product by using small color particles from other materials. How do you like our new dotted pattern?

Sandstone for the win – More backpacks in your favorite color

Chic Scandinavian meets functionality – our multipurpose backpack Helsinki and Aarhus are finally available in a lighter version with our creme beige color. The small and subtle color splashes form an optical elegance. Both models can be used for school, the office or traveling, so they are a great choice and also perfect for the spring season. Another backpack that is covered in the sprinkle look is our new Fyn Mercury. This bag combines a light beige and added colorful splashes on a soft blue. Another reliable backpack that looks good at the same time. Since we really admire the color combination light blue together with sprinkles on white, we decided to give our best selling model Bergen and our chest bag Habo such a look. Beautiful pastel vibes over here! In addition, we are also launching the Habo in a warm terracotta color with perfectly matching light beige sprinkles on top!

The Lung backpack is getting an update – say hello to our new Lund Pro!

This favored style has been part of our assortment for many years! We say, it is time for a qualitative update which persuades not only through its looks but also its functionality. The Lund Pro offers a lot of storage space and with its practical front panel you can easily access all your things, even the small ones that are all the way at the bottom – just lay it flat, zip open and there you go! We have also designed our own backpack hook that perfectly closes the rolled up top of the bag. We are already launching our Lund Pro in four different colors, so that there is something in the mix for everyone, our four versions are: All Black, Sand Black Sprinkled, Sandstone Sprinkled and Mint Grey SustainKnit.

Make some room for our new chest bag “Sveg”

Clean, urban, minimalistic – that’s our new chest bag Sveg. Available in “All Black” and “Sandstone”, the bag delivers a classic style and is made out of our well-known vegan tech-material and rPET. The strap is adjustable so you can decide for yourself if you want to wear it as a hip bag or rather as a crossbody bag. With its hidden zipper and the spacious inside pocket the Sveg is the ideal companion for your everyday life!

There are now over 20 new styles available in our online shop, but also in our stores which are open in Vienna and starting on March 10th, also in Germany. We hope that with our blogpost we were able to give you a better overview of our new styles and sustainable materials and maybe you already found your new favorite bag!

We wish you a wonderful weekend Kaptens!

Or maybe we should rather say, it is already pretty cold outside! The winter weather has arrived almost everywhere and especially after the holidays it’s been great to be able to spend some time at home and just relax. Alongside with all the snow, warm tea and a cozy blanket, awaits you our winter sale. From January 8th until the 18th, we offer our favorite products for up to 50% off. To give you a better overview which products are on sale, we used this blogpost to put together a nice selection. So let’s see where the sales are at so that you are not missing out on any of them.

Save on our watches!

We are starting with one of our classic watch models: our Chrono and Chrono Small! Selective materials, quality and premium processing with a clear scandinavian design, make our Chrono the absolute eyecatcher. From our Chrono silver “steel” to our Chrono “all black croco” you can get 15% off on the different styles. Feel free to take a look if your favorite watch made it into our sale section as well.

Even longtime classic models like our Heritage and Crush are part of the sale – here you can get 20% off on our Crush steel straps in black and white and save 30% on the different Heritage styles.

But that is not all! You can save even more on our models Pure, Campus and Campina where the sale ranges from 30% up to 50% which you should not miss out on.

Don’t miss the great backpack sale!

Included in our sale is one of our new arrivals – the Fyn “taupe” The casual look of this backpack and its spaciousness make it the perfect companion for everyday adventures. And even more colors of our Fyn backpack are included in the sale with 30% off.

Do you guys remember the two limited editions of our Alesund by Ana Johnson? During the summertime we launched two versions of the Alesund with the Influencer. Throughout our Winter sale you are getting the chance to get our last remaining Alesund small backpacks and even saving 20% on them! In addition, a few of our kids backpacks are also on sale!

And you can save even more on our models Oslo, Lund, Lillestrom and Copenhagen where we offer 30% and more on various colorways.

The bargains among our glasses and sunglasses

Despite the cold winter days, you can’t stop thinking about sunshine and the beach? Well, no problem! We are in the same boat and to already prepare for the summer season we have included many of our sunglasses models in our sale. From the Atlanta sunglasses to the model Valencia, we offer many styles with up to 50% off.

Included is our all time favorite, the Amsterdam sunglasses. Those fit with everything and never get boring, whether you get them in mineral tortoise brown or in summernight. Among our sunglasses collection are also many Influencer pieces which are also discounted with 30% off, like the Berkeley by Angelina Pannek, the Orlando by lamoiredesoso or the Waikiki by LeGer.

Last but not Least – Accessoires on sale

You can’t forget our accessoires – from our chest bags and wallets to phone cases, there are many discounts to take advantage of. For example we offer 20% on our bestsellers – the chest bag Habo and shoulder bag Vanso. Of course, other products like our new suitcases, and our glasses are part of the sale as well! To be on the safe side and not miss any of your favorite products on sale you should just click through our collections on our website and maybe you will find a perfect new treasure!

We hope you had a good start into the new year and wish you H A P P Y S H O P P I N G! ❄️