Black Week


Hey Kaptens! It’s sale time: we are entering the prime deal phase of the year! The black week starts on November 22nd and of course we are taking part in it as well. Not just online but also in our stores we offer attractive deals – so the only question remaining is where this black week hype is even coming from? Like many other trends, Europe has adapted the black week from the United States. Over there, the day after Thanksgiving also known as “Black Friday” has been a tradition for many years. From the original one day sale event, deals now last up to a whole week which is also called “black week” or “cyber week”.

There are many theories where this phrase originated from. Some say it comes from the “Black Friday” that describes the New York Wall Street crash that happened on October 29th 1929 and others say it derives from the crowds storming into the stores, forming black masses on the streets. An even more economical explanation of this phrase is that it comes from the “written black numbers” that symbolize the increasing revenue achieved on that day. But no matter where the term actually comes from the important takeaway here is that we can look forward to a whole week filled with sales.

In regards to the black week we would like to show you how to combine the right accessories to an “all black” outfit. So let’s get right to it!

How to style All Black

To create an “all black” look without making it look too boring is not always that easy. Yves Saint Laurent already said: “Colors? Black is my sanctuary.” – and there is a good reason behind that, because the color black has always been a solid component in the fashion industry. Not only is black a timeless color but it also represents elegance and style. In addition, black suits everyone no matter their body size or skin color.

That is why we put together some tips on how to make a black outfit the perfect eyecatcher:

Black has many shades

From dark black to faded grey black there are many shades of black which in fact can be very helpful when combining looks. Wearing different black shades can benefit your outfit by creating contrast. This does not work for dresses or suits where we recommend sticking to a single dark black color. Nevertheless, you should always trust your instincts when combining pieces of clothing.

Mix and Match

Just like the different black shades, the use of different materials can also create excellent contrasts. Just give it a try! Here, a black leather jacket is a total classic and makes up a cool, edgy look. For example, silky fabrics or even transparent blouses create a fashionable look and work great together with leather. Important to remember is that layering is key so make sure to combine various materials.

Last but not least – the accessories

Lastly, to perfect the outfit we need the right accessories – here you can choose a nice bag or jewelry. They add the final touch to every outfit. That is why we put together a little assortment of our “all black” favorites: Now, you not only know how to perfectly style your black outfit, but you also gained some inspiration for your black week shopping marathon. Oh and of course we also want to highlight our black week deal which will not just happen on one day but through the whole week. We are offering 20% on all our Kapten & Son collections. Yes all – including our newly launched products like the new jewelry collection or the clutch wallets. Don’t miss out on this amazing deal and happy shopping! Your Kapten & Son Crew ⚓