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May we introduce: the Marais by Laviesanne! Together with the popular influencer Laviesanne from the Netherlands, we designed this stylish eyewear piece and are happy to present to you the result of this wonderful design collaboration. You want to get your hands on the Marais by Laviesanne? Then better be quick, because the amount of our blue light filter glasses (+/- prescription) are strictly limited!

ABOUT SANNE – Inspiration

She’s known for her sunny disposition, witty humor, and love for stylish fashion – that’s the charming content creator Sanne! On her Instagram account “laviesanne” she grants her followers daily authentic insights into her private life and shares likeable stories from her everyday life as a fashion-savvy, fun-loving wife & mother. With the eyewear model “Marais by Lavisanne”, Sanne has not only proven her sense of style, but also shown us her knack for current fashion trends!


The design of the “Marais by Laviesanne” impresses with its classic modern shape that is combined with a stylish clean color choice in a delicate cream-pink with added subtle color accents in beige. The high-quality acetate in a soft tortoise pattern gives these glasses their expressive look and makes them an absolute must-have for all glasses lovers! By the way: the Marais by Laviesanne is available as pure prescription glasses or just blue light filter glasses as well as prescription glasses with integrated blue light filter!

Did you know that we spend up to eight hours a day in front of a screen? – Whether watching series on the laptop or following friends and influencers on numerous social media platforms. You’ve probably also noticed that after this long time, our eyes get tired and some people even go to bed with a headache at night. But where does that actually come from? We will answer these and many other questions in this guide and give you a few tips on what you can do about it!


As already revealed in the title, we are talking about blue light. Our eyes are exposed to daily radiation from laptops, smartphones and tablets. The so-called high-energy blue light irritates our eyes and makes them tired with increasing use. As a result, many people feel tired and can hardly concentrate. In the long run, this light even damages our eyes.

But blue light not only affects our productivity – it can also disrupt our sleep rhythm, because the light prevents the production of the sleep hormone and the release of melatonin. Thus, our body does not receive signals that it is time to go to bed and falling asleep becomes more difficult.


Blue light consists of invisible light waves, just like UV light or infrared rays. The problem with light waves: The shorter the wavelength, the more harmful they are to our eyes. Blue light has a shorter wavelength than “visible light”, through which we can see the world in the colors we are used to, and can trigger eye diseases, concentration and sleep disorders or headaches. Most of it is emitted by our screens such as computers, smartphones or televisions.


Does this problem also apply to you and the use of these devices is an integral part of your everyday life? Then you’ve come to the right place! The solution to your problem is: blue light filter glasses! For all those who spend a large part of their daily time in front of a screen, whether professionally or privately, it is recommended to protect the eyes with blue light filter glasses, because these can filter blue light as well as UVA and UVB rays with their special coating.

And even people with poor eyesight get their chance, because we can also fit blue light filters to spectacles with prescription lenses. In addition to the filter coating, the glasses are then individually adjusted to your visual acuity between -8 and +4 as well as cylinder values between -2.5 and +2.5.


In addition to the huge range of modern frames from which you can choose, you can also determine the density of your lenses and choose between “thin”, “extra thin” and “ultra thin”. Our “thin” lens (index 1.6) is available at no extra charge. We don’t even offer you the standard lens (index 1.5) of other spectacle retailers, because we think you deserve more than standard! The “extra thin” (index 1.67) and “ultra thin” lenses (index 1.74) enhance your glasses in terms of density as well as with a lotus effect and an anti-static coating that protects your lenses from dust. Unfortunately, the processing of a blue light filter is technically not possible with the ultra thin glass.

We hope we’ve been able to clear up the question marks in your head about blue light and get you excited about the advantages of screen glasses. And if you should decide to buy one, you will quickly notice that your eyes are less tired and you are more efficient as a result! By the way, the glasses not only look good, but also sit lightly and comfortably on your nose – the perfect everyday companions!

Since Corona, home office has become the new normal for almost everyone, but this week we’re celebrating the official Work from Home Day! “What’s there to celebrate?”, some of you may be wondering now? Well, we’re going to show you! With a few little tricks, your home office time can almost be as exciting as time spent in the office. Except for your dear colleagues, whom you surely miss as much as we do.

1. Get out of those sweatpants!

We know how tempting it can be to slip straight from pajamas into comfy sweatpants, especially when no one behind the camera can see your cozy bottoms. But we promise you, even if no one but you is home, you’ll start the day off feeling a lot better if you’ve taken a few minutes to pick out a nice outfit. Not only will this be good for your well-being, but it will also get you back into the right work routine. Then, when you swap your work clothes for something casual in the evening, you can officially end your work day and feel more relaxed.

2. Goodbye distractions

The laundry pile is calling, the dishwasher is beeping and you’d like to vacuum right away when you see a few crumbs on the ground. We have all been there! When you’re at home, it’s easy to get distracted by your household and other small everyday tasks. But wait – working from home means you have to hold yourself accountable and stay productive. To manage all this, try setting aside blocks of time where you consciously do something for the household. Also, it can help to write down what distracts you for a week and then tackle those things. Another deciding factor is your work location, but we’ll get to that in the next paragraph.

3. Where to put all the work stuff?

The ideal solution for a perfect home office, would be to have an extra room that can be used for work. Of course, this isn’t possible for everyone, so we recommend setting up at least a small corner that can be used as a workspace and doesn’t have to be constantly moved aside. If you prefer a little variety, you can also switch between different places and set up a small and light desk which can be moved around easily. Also, don’t underestimate a comfortable chair and good light – your eyes and back will thank you later!

4. Blue light filters to prevent tired eyes and headaches

Speaking of eyes – if you work a lot in front of a screen, you will notice that your eyes get irritated and tired after a long day in front of the laptop. Our eyes are exposed to daily radiation, the so-called high-energy blue light that many electronic devices such as laptops, smartphones or tablets transmit. To solve this problem, we have developed our glasses with proven blue light filter technology. Your eyes will be protected from this radiation through our special lenses that filter out blue light and UV rays. This process relieves the strain on our eyes and makes us feel fitter and more alert. Perfectly in line with this we are releasing six new pairs of glasses on May 22 to help to focus on your work and keep an eye on your home office routine. Maybe you’ll find your new fashion accessory with practical benefits in our assortment of glasses – after all, you don’t need to have poor eyesight to create a cool look with glasses.

Ultimately, what matters most is that you feel comfortable and can work well. Some people tick differently than others – try to find out for yourself what you need to create the ideal home office! Of course, we hope you can use our tips to make your time working from home a little more productive!

Attention Kaptens! We have another exciting Influencer cooperation that we would like to share with you. Already in summer, this lovely woman from Aachen designed a very successful pair of sunglasses with us. Venezia Blum has been a part of our Kapten & Son Crew for many years and now she is back with a new product. Starting December 1st, you can get our new blue light filter/ prescription glasses Marais by Vanezia Blum, online and in our retail stores. Vanessa was inspired by the design of her sunglasses, matching that style for our model Marias.

About Vanessa

For many years already, Vanessa shares her everyday life on her Instagram account @vanezia_blum with her community. Always bringing along her favorite accessoires from Kapten & Son, including our watches, sunglasses and backpacks. Not only when she is traveling around the world but also in her daily life in Germany, where she discusses many diverse topics that are close to her heart. One is animal welfare – helping out stray dogs in Greece and volunteering in local animal shelters. Also, topics like feminism, self love and following a vegan diet are very important to Vanessa and often presented to her community. As you can see, Vanessa is really dedicated and we have chosen a real power woman for our Influencer cooperation.

Also, topics like feminism, self love and vegan living are very important to Vanessa and often presented to her community. As you can see, Vanessa is really dedicated and we have chosen a real power woman for our Influencer cooperation.

The Design

Let’s get back to the glasses. Vanessa has already added her own signature to the design of her sunglasses that we launched in early summer. Again, she signed the glasses in golden letters adding great detail. You can tell that she was very creative designing the new blue light filter/prescription glasses.

Lookwise, the glasses are dark brown with added tortoise patterns which are the same as her sunglasses – generating an expressive design. She really adds a personal touch to our model Marais large, making it the it-piece for your outfit or even the perfect combination for your casual everyday wear.

So Kaptens, we are ready for our Winter glasses edition, how about you? Then you should hurry up and get you Vanezia Blum glasses because they are limited and available now.

We wish you a wonderful day!

Are you looking for a new pair of glasses and are having trouble finding the perfect model while also being unsure which shape best fits your face? Then you are at the right place, we are here to help you find the perfect pair with our Kapten & Son glasses fit-guide! We have collected great tips that can help you find the right style for your face! Our fit-guide will be useful for finding new sunglasses or even a cool pair of blue light filter glasses that are beneficial for the office.

It’s a match – fundamentals for finding the perfect pair of glasses

As already established, when looking for a pair of glasses, you have to make sure that the shape fits to your face. With so many different styles out there it is challenging to find the best suiting pair of glasses for your face. Even though every face is unique, there are basically four different shapes to go by. Therefore, we distinguish between oval, angular, round and heart shaped faces. To discover what shape best describes your face; we have listed characteristics of each shape and found compatible glasses from our collection to go with them. So let’s find your new eyecatcher!

Oval face – Every style is possible

Is your face rather longer than wider? And are your cheeks the widest part of your face? Then you have an oval shaped face and are one of the lucky people that are able to wear any style of glasses. You can rock any shape, no matter if it’s cat-eye glasses, round pilot ones or if they have rectangular lenses. You can simply try on any style while always looking fabulous; so take advantage of your face that was made to wear glasses by adding the perfect eyewear accessory to your outfits.

Our sunglasses recommendation: any pair from Amsterdam to Valencia – there is no limit to your sunglass collection! Our blue light filter glasses recommendation: from Belleville to Williamsburg – the decision is yours!

Heart shaped face – Cupid’s favorite

When you look in the mirror and can make out a heart on your face then you might not only be hit by cupid’s arrow but also have a heart shaped face that indicates a wider forehead, distinctive cheekbones and a small chin. So when it comes to choosing glasses you have to be careful that you don’t make your forehead stand out and instead find a pair that makes your chin less pointy. We therefore recommend choosing round or oval glasses to give the face a gentle touch that compensate for the chin and forehead. With this little tip, we are sure you will find the right glasses that will make your heart skip a beat.

Our sunglasses recommendation: Maui, Fitzroy, Berkeley, Amsterdam and London Our blue light filter glasses recommendation: Bondi, Marais and Stratford

Angular face – the specialist for edges

Are your forehead, cheeks and jaw around the same size? Then you belong to the people with an angular shaped face. To not lose your facial features you should get round glasses that put emphasis on your features while also adding a little bit of delicacy. In addition, cat-eye and the so-called pilot glasses also work well with your face – we love an edgy look.

Our sunglasses recommendation: Maui, Amsterdam, Berkeley, London and Valencia Our blue light filter glasses recommendation: Stratford, Mayfair, Marais, Bondi, Soho and Belleville

Round face – soft and gentle features

Round faces are often characterized as the face that has gentle features. Through the round chin and an even balance between the width and length of the face; people with round faces generally fit rectangular glasses or uniquely shaped ones. Those wider frames add a balance to your soft and gentle features by making it appear longer.

Our sunglasses recommendation: Nice, Moscow, Florence, Orlando, Milan and San Francisco Our blue light filter glasses recommendation: Williamsburg, Greenpoint, Glendale and Pasadena

Alright Kaptens, we hope that you were able to figure out which shape your face belongs to and that our glasses fit-guide will help you make a decision which eyewear style to pick. Nevertheless, we would also like to note that when choosing a frame style, the main focus should be your personal taste and comfort needs. Therefore, our glasses fit guide is just a little helping tool but in the end you should get the glasses that you absolutely love and never want to take off.

Enjoy checking out our sunglasses and computer glasses collection – maybe you will even get a new perspective on different styles.