After jointly designed sunglasses and prescription glasses in the same style, now comes the matching backpack! The lovely Vanessa graces us now for the third time with a new fashion creation from her unique fashion sense. As one of our longest standing partners, she has accompanied us for more than 2 years. Therefore, for us there was no question that the collaboration should go into the third round this year. May we introduce to you – the Aalborg by Vanezia Blum! Starting 04/24/2022 you can grab the backpack online as well as in our stores.


Most of you surely know Vanessa from her Instagram channel @vanezia_blum. There she takes her nearly 350 thousand followers through everyday life and on trips. But a special topic close to Vanessa’s heart is first and foremost animal welfare. For years she has been passionately committed to the animals of this world, whether stray dogs in Greece, animal rescue centers in Romania or support for animal shelters in Germany. The focus is always on the chance of a happy life for animals of all kinds.
And this motto does not only apply to animal rescue, Vanessa also stands up for the topics feminism and self-love and encourages young women to stand up for themselves with self-confidence. We are happy to have such a lovely and authentic creator at our side!  


In addition to her activist commitment, Vanessa also has a pretty deft hand for fashion, which can already be admired with her own label: Vanezia. She also applied this fashion talent to the creation of her backpack. The choice for the model was our new Aalborg. With its completely expandable back and front and outer pockets, the Aalborg is a real space miracle. Vanessa has reinterpreted the classic backpack design! You can expect a stylish, peachy beige tone combined with a soft cream-beige and intricate golden details. A subtle color combination that is perfect for spring!

Just like the last collaborations, the sale of the backpack is meant to support animal welfare, which is why 5€ per sold backpack will be donated to Save the Dogs in Kallikratia e.V. again. They are committed to animal welfare in Greece and have been supported by Vanessa on a voluntary basis for a long time.

Doing something good will be easier than ever! The quantities of the backpack are limited though, so be quick and snatch up the Aalborg by Vanezia Blum!

Have an awesome day! 🤗 

Summer is coming and the only thing you’re missing is the perfect pair of sunglasses? In collaboration with the popular French influencer Diane Perreau, we have created a new design for all sun worshippers. And that’s not the only good news – Diane has come up with two looks that are sure to turn heads! Beach vibe meets Parisian chic with the new Sofia by Diane Perreau styles!

About Diane

The French designer is known for her Instagram account @dianeperreau. There she provides daily insights into her private life and inspires with her sense of style and new outfit creations. Whether traveling to the Caribbean, daily fashion lifestyle in Paris or impressions of her second home in Sydney – her followers love her for the authentic excerpts from her life and especially for her likeable & down-to-earth nature. Diane has proven her fashion sense with the various Sofia models! The two sunglasses perfectly reflect Diane’s personality.

Sofia Black Tortoise by Diane Perreau 

On the one hand, the Sofia Black Tortoise expresses Diane’s elegant side. These sunglasses, in the trendy cat-eye style, come in a dark black-brown tone with color gradient, which gives the glasses a modern and yet very classic-elegant look. It is the perfect accessory for all city girls who prefer it classy!

Sofia Blossom Tortoise by Diane Perreau 

The other side reflects Diane’s feminine and subtle side. Inspired by her love of the beach and ocean breezes, the Sofia Blossom Tortoise comes in a playful look. The light pink shade perfectly matches the tortoise pattern of the frame. The perfect accessory for all the beach lovers among you!

These are two sunglasses that shine both in terms of design and quality. They are guaranteed to make any of your outfits an eye-catcher! But beware – be quick and do not miss the fashion highlight of the year, because the designs are only available in limited quantities!

Going into the second round! – We have a pair of sunglasses for you that you will not want to miss. A new cooperation with a familiar face – we have teamed up again with Sarah Harrison to design an absolute sunglass highlight for you!

About Sarah

The mother of two sweet daughters is known through her Instagram and YouTube channel. There she is followed by almost 3 million subscribers, who can follow the life of the Harrisons every day. In addition to everyday family life, Sarah shares workout routines and healthy recipes with her followers. On the side, she also founded her beauty brand Samion and most recently won the big celebrity baking competition – a true all-rounder! But if you know Sarah, you know that her channel is all about travel – so what product could suit her better than sunglasses?


For the second edition of our design collaboration with Sarah, the choice quickly fell on the Sofia model – a striking and modern shape for an elegant fashion statement. With great attention to detail and her absolute fashion sense, the popular influencer added her own touch to the sunglasses. The cat-eye frame made of acetate comes in the same shade as Sarah’s last pair of sunglasses: dark teak – a perfect interplay of amber and dark brown. But on top of that, there is the exclusive mackerel pattern, which makes the glasses a real eye-catcher. To round off the summery look, the glasses are complemented with dark brown lenses. See for yourself what a highlight in terms of design and quality these glasses have become!

With the Sofia by Sarah Harrison sunglasses, you’ll become a real eye-catcher and have the perfect accessory for any of your styles. The limited edition is sure to sell out quickly, so don’t wait too long and make them your daily companion!

Once again there is new news! In time for the spring season, we have a new collection of backpacks – the Allrounder Series. New styles, new colors and a whole new product for your daily needs. Still looking for the perfect bag for your daily essentials? Or are you missing the right companion for everyday activities like university, school, shopping and sports? No problem, we have the solution for all your needs!

The Allrounder

On the one hand, there is our new model: the Copenhagen Backpack. The edgy backpack is casual and elegant at the same time, and fits every occasion with its minimalist design. Whether you’re on your way to the gym or want to quickly go to the café in the city, with this backpack you have the perfect accessory. The edgy design is adaptable and offers enough space for your everyday essentials. There’s even room for an 11-inch tablet inside. The Copenhagen is your backpack if you love practicality but don’t want to sacrifice the urban look.

Another novelty of our Allrounder-Series are the Laptop Sleeves! Yes, you heard it right! After a long wait, we have finally designed a sleeve for your laptops and tablets. The new Vinstra impresses not only with its functionality, but also thanks to its cool and stylish design. Besides the fact that it protects all 11, 14 & 16 inch devices with an additional padded inner compartment, it also has some functional details to offer. Like the practical case holder on the outside of the bag, which makes it a lightweight travel companion or the additional outer compartment, which offers space for charging cables and USB sticks. Have the key facts already won you over? Then choose the right size and make the Vinstra your daily companion!

Lastly, we have some stylish color updates that usher in the approaching spring! From sage green, to clay brown, to grey, it’s all here. First, there’s our new Colorway “Muted Sage Sprinkled”, a natural shade of green that is currently catching on as a trendy color. And for good reason too, we think. Another new Colorway is “Oyster”, which is a finely balanced shade between cool grey and warm brown. The ideal shade that can be combined with both strong contrasts and restrained colors. And don’t forget “Muted Clay Sprinkled”, our new brown shade, which radiates an incredible amount of warmth thanks to its slight tint of rusty brown. You’ll find the new colors among many of our new styles, but also among our old favorites, like the Fyn and the Sveg Chest Bag.

Just take a look to see if your new everyday all-rounder is included and maybe you’ll discover your new favorite soon!

Last week we introduced you to our new sunglasses collection, including the new Caramel collection! Sunglasses in soft brown tones that comfortably fit your face and have a summer warmth to them. To celebrate the launch of our new collection, we planned a trip to Seville and packed some of our Kapten crew! Together with Christina Bischof (@christinabiluca), Kelly Flint (@kellyflint), Janina Pfau (@janinapfau) and Nina (@fashioncarpet) we explored the city of Seville and soaked up the first sun rays of the year.

Of course, we have pictures and tips for you again and a lot to tell. But just look for yourself and enjoy our unique experiences in Seville! 🍊

The Trip

The trip started at the Hotel Alfonso XIII, one of the most famous and luxurious hotels in Seville. Someone pinch us, please! After all, even today the hotel is an absolute gem and hard to beat in terms of charm and aesthetics. If you have a preference for the flair of Spanish architecture, you will certainly feel more than comfortable here. This was also the case for us and the girls!

In the style of ancient cultures, there was a mosaic workshop on the first day. The design is like putting together a puzzle that you can design yourself. And after just a few hours, the girls had their own work of art in hand. We can really recommend you to try your next DIY project with mosaic – the whole thing will give your furniture and your home a warm, Mediterranean look in just a few steps!

The next day we continued with a cooking class and Spain’s national dish – paella! Together with a chef we were shown step by step how to prepare this versatile rice dish. And the result was simply *chefs’ kisses* delicious. Similar, to risotto, the ingredients are cooked in enough liquid until the water has completely evaporated. And wow, this makes the rice absorb the intense spices and become a blast of flavor. Our mouths are still watering just thinking about it, so we don’t want to deprive you of the recipe – you can find it at the end of the post. 🥘

After the sumptuous meal, we had to go for a walk. We explored the most beautiful spots of Seville, such as the Plaza de España, one of the most famous squares in Seville. With the buildings in Renaissance style, the fountain in the middle and the countless bridges around the square forms a really picturesque backdrop and downright beckons to be photographed! Next we went to the Metropol Parasol also known as the mushrooms of Seville. The construction of wood snakes in the middle of the old town over the roofs of Seville. The modern landmark impresses with its size and has also won several design awards, which is why it can hardly be outdone as an Instagram spot.

The group always had their favorites from the new collection in their luggage. While Janina usually wore the Sydney All Black, Christina could hardly put down the Sofia Transparent Caramel Brown. Nina and Kelly’s favorite accessories included the Zurich All Black and the Florence Transparent Caramel Brown. Get inspired by how the girls combined the new glasses:

Sydney All Black
Florence Transparent Caramel Brown
Zurich All Black
Sofia Transparent Caramel Brown

Are you now also in the mood for summer, good weather and a trip to Seville? We don’t know about you, but we can’t wait for summer! But until it comes, our new sunglasses will do for now!

NEW IN – New models, new colors, new material! We start the spring with the next generation of sunglasses and glasses. All Eyes on Tomorrow is the motto – but why?

We don’t want to be the typical watch brand or eyewear brand. Nor just any backpack brand. No. We at Kapten & Son offer you your EVERYDAY COMPANION. For every occasion and for every Kapten. And that’s how we want our new frames to become your daily companions. The piece that you can’t put down and that accompanies you every step of the way. So we had to create something that will be a faithful companion not only today, but for a long time to come.


The Collection is our next step towards a more sustainable future. Because what we decide today becomes a part of tomorrow, so we want to start our first step now.


And it all starts with the material: As you may know, our eyewear frames are mostly made of acetate. It consists of 70% cellulose and is therefore already more sustainable than conventional glasses made of plastic. 3% are made up of processed color pigments, depending on the coloring of your glasses. And the remaining 27% is diethyl phthalate, a plasticizer that makes the material more supple and flexible. The disadvantage of this substance is that its production is based on petroleum. That is not very climate-friendly. So it was clear to us that it was time to take the next step!

So a large part of our sunglasses collection now consists of triacitin. A compound made from renewable raw materials such as acetic acid and glucose, which is safe for nature and humans. So the bio-acetate we use is 97% renewable resources and 100% mineral oil free. For us, a huge success in terms of sustainability!


Now we come to the really exciting news: the new frames! You can expect eight exciting new models for the upcoming summer season. Enough choice to enjoy the coming sunshine hours to the fullest!

On the one hand we have the Manila – with its square design it makes a striking variation to our ever-popular Marais. The special design with the honeycomb rim makes it an it-piece for all sun lovers.

Then there’s the Lisbon: classic elegance combined with modern cool. The fully rectangular bio-acetate frame combines an iconic oversized shape with a dash of Carl Frederiksen from the Disney movie “UP”. Who can say no to this must-have?

Another model in the new collection is the Nairobi. The feminine oversized frame with a hint of 80s office vibe makes these glasses a sunglass highlight. Playful and elegant at the same time – the perfect combination!

Also in the mix is the Prague – our sweet spot between Maui and Paris. In a light cat-eye shape, the glasses are extravagant and stylish. Perfect for all those who like to stand out.

The icing on the cake from the collection: the Sydney. With its edgy design, it playfully creates an edgy look. If you’re looking for an eye-catcher for your glasses collection, you’re sure to find it with these cat-eye glasses!

Tallin: the 80s icon among our new sunglasses. Here, classic elegance meets modern finesse. The large, square frame makes the glasses a special feature and enhances any outfit.

Tallinn Umber Tortoise Brown
Tallinn Transparent Hazel Brown

A model with recognition value – the Vienna is the feminine alternative to our London. The classic design is rounded off with a soft and discreet cat-eye look and makes the glasses a trend-safe everyday companion.

And lastly, we have the Zurich. An ultra-thin acetate-stainless steel combination that makes the double nose bridge hip again. With this model, we have reinterpreted the popular style of aviator glasses! For those who are looking for an individual look.

As if that wasn’t enough, you’re also spoiled when it comes to the model colors! New in the selection are Transparent Hazel, Toffee Tortoise and the Caramel Collection, a warm brown that will have you dreaming of summer. All of our eyewear models are available not only as sunglasses, but also as regular frames for your computer or prescription glasses!

With these many updates, we hope to kickstart your weekend and hope that your new favorite was also included!

Do you ever get that feeling? You stand in front of your closet in the morning and ask yourself: “What should I wear today? Even though your closet is bursting with options. True to the motto Unlock your Style we want to motivate you today to dare a new perspective on your wardrobe and round off your look with new accessories. In our luggage we have a watch model that not only mixes up our portfolio, but also your style. Introducing our new Tresor watch. What’s behind the new model, you ask? The watch comes in a modern square design and in the center the dial surrounded by a delicate grooved sunray cut. This aesthetic 3D effect makes the watch an extravagant piece of jewelry that will enhance any outfit. But that’s not all! The heart of the Tresor is actually hidden inside – the clockwork of the Swiss manufacturer Ronda makes the watch a long-lasting companion at your side. In addition, with the loving details of the case, a chunky-linked bracelet with a practical butterfly lock frames the model and wraps perfectly around your wrist. With this striking yet exquisite look, the Tresor becomes the center of your style.

On top of that comes the watch’s top-notch choice of materials. It is the second watch in our range to be made entirely of recycled stainless steel, making it the premium model among watches. It also comes in 5 different colorways, giving you the freedom to choose any look you want. Delicate Gold Cream or rather classic Silver Black, it’s entirely up to you. But no matter which variant you choose, you will certainly look and feel fashionable with any of the Tresor watches!

Faster than expected, the biggest sale of the year is back! – Black Friday and Cyber Monday are coming up and with them the critical time in which we like to loosen our wallet sometimes a little too far. The days around Black Week means keeping your eyes open for great bargains and discounts. To avoid having to search too long, we’ve listed our all-time favorite products with their discount in this post! – easy shopping! On top of that, here are our tips on how to keep a cool head during Black Week.


  1. Get an overlook 
    Good preparation is key, which is why we recommend you to determine what you need in advance. Make a shopping list of what you’re planning to buy – whether, it’s a gift for your mom or a new laptop. This way you avoid any impulsive purchases and stay relaxed during Black Week. 
  1. Set a price range 
    To avoid waking up with horror about your spendings, think about how much you are willing to spend in advance. In your shopping list, set your maximum budget for individual items right next to them, and you’ll have everything clearly laid out.  
  1. Stay flexible 
    If an offer does not meet your price expectations, it can be quite helpful to look for similar models and color variants. Sometimes there are different discounts based on the design option. This way you have the chance to save even more!  
  1. Do not miss the start  
    Before Black Week starts, check if your favorite brands already announced when their sale starts. Some deals start at the beginning of Black Week, some start on Black Friday, and others on Cyber Monday. With an alarm set for each brand, you’ll be able to keep track of all the sale starts and can be sure not to miss any!  
  1. Set yourself a price alarm clock 
    Another one of those alarm clock tips – but super handy! Online, you’ll find several sites that compare the prices of your favorite products. They notify you when the price drops or reaches your desired level.  

Use this preparation and you’ll never miss a great deal again! So you don’t have to search to long, we’ve put together all the information about our Black Week at a glance: On 19.11. we start with our big sale with discounts up to incredible 50% waiting for you! Until 29.11. you have the chance to shop your favorite items at a reduced price. Want some more inspiration? Enjoy our small selection of our all time favorites: 

It’s that time again! Fall is knocking on the door – the first golden leaves are falling, everyone is throwing on their coats and the boots, and scarves are already being dug out of the closet. And that means shopping week is not far off! In line with the new season, great deals and fall specials are waiting around every corner. We also want to bring you a little joy for the gloomy weather – this year you can expect 15% off our entire assortment until Oct. 11!

But to make sure you don’t fall into shopping fever completely blindsided; we’ve put together a selection of our fall favorites! From small accessories to large backpacks, the right it-pieces for those cold days are waiting for everyone!


Rain and dirt is never problem for these two companions! The Bergen All Black and Fyn Cream Black don’t just look good in the summer. With their timeless and minimalist design, they fit perfectly into any fall outfit and complete your look. The vegan tech material is water-repellent and super easy to clean – so a little rain shower is no problem for these two spacial wonders.

Matching Details – ACCESSOIRES 

The wonderful thought of a golden fall with warm October sun and colorful foliage is not something we want to give up so quickly just yet! Also with our accessories we focused this season on gold! Matching the warm autumn tones, we can recommend you the Grace Gold Green Steel. The precious emerald green dial perfectly matches the warm gold tone of the watch strap. But also a few other accessories fit perfectly into the fall color palette, like the Sveg Sandstone – with its practical inner pockets it helps to keep order in your bag and offers enough possibilities to safely store the important things of everyday life, such as smartphone, keys and wallet.

Glasses Must-Haves

This fall, we’re also opting for golden frames and tortoise patterns on your face. To match the thick knit sweaters that everyone has been secretly looking forward to for a long time, we’re unpacking our round frame glasses again. Whether it’s London, Marais or Belleville, you’re guaranteed to get it right this fall with these styles! Right up front in our opinion is the Marais Sand Tortoise. Its playful pattern and beige-black color scheme make it a true highlight for any outfit. For those who prefer something more simple, we recommend the London Matt Gold.

So Kaptens, get ready for fall and don’t miss out on these must-haves!
Happy Shopping! 🛍

Finally the time has come! We are finally able to reveal our big secret that we’ve been working on for the last few months with the charming and talented singer Sarah Engels! Sarah has proven her knack for hip fashion trends and designed her new backpack for you, the ‘Fyn by Sarah Engels’!


Sarah Engels is also known as “sarellax3” and gives you daily stories under this user name. She gives you an insight into her everyday life as a talented creator and singer, strong business woman and loving mom. Now Sarah has once again proven that she is an absolute all-rounder! With the look of her specially designed backpack model, she has given free rein to her creativity.


The ‘Fyn by Sarah Engels’ impresses above all with its playful design in a stylish color mix of soft taupe-brown and cream-beige tones. The playfulness is also underlined by a brown tassel that additionally spreads hip boho vibes. Depending on your preference, you can also remove the tassel and use it as a keychain! The material of the backpack is made of high quality tech material and recycled PET in embroidered look.

But the ‘Fyn by Sarah Engels’ is not only beautiful to look at – it also has a lot to offer you in terms of functionality! Due to its 14 liter capacity, as well as practical interior and exterior compartments, the interior 15 inch laptop compartment and the padded straps as well as the also padded and ergonomically shaped back, it is perfect as a daily companion for school or university!

We are in love and hope you are too 😊! If so, feel free to share your Fyn backpack with us under the hashtag #KaptenXSarah! And to you, dear Sarah, thank you for the collaboration and the beautiful design of our Fyn backpack model!