Hey Kaptens! We’re back again with a new blog post. Today’s topic: gifts. The Black Week has just ended, and now December is here, bringing with it the Christmas season. That means cuddly socks, warm tea and lots of fairy lights, but also all sorts of little things that you have to do in the pre-Christmas period. Right at the top of our list: buying presents. To make sure you’re the hero for what’s under the Christmas tree this year, we’ll help you out with our gift guide! We’ve packed gift ideas into different price categories, from “do-it-yourself” to “no expense or effort spared”. At the same time we have also come up with some specials for Christmas this year: on the one hand you can expect our X-Mas Special this year – with every purchase of a backpack, watch, glasses, sunglasses or a suitcase you get to choose one of our new toiletry bags, the ‘Windsor All Black’ or ‘Trevi All Black’, for free! This way you can look forward to an additional gift. But that’s not all: when you buy a watch you will also receive it in our beautiful X-Mas Gift Box – while stocks last! For all those who are still looking for inspiration, here is our gift guide to make your work a little easier. This way everyone is guaranteed to find the right gift.

Gifts under 50 €

Let’s start small first, because not everyone has a big budget for every person. But that is of course not a problem since we have the perfect solution — and it’s called DIY! That’s right, we all did handicrafts when we were kids and now DIY gifts are on the rise again. Whether it’s a macramé, homemade jam or a painted picture, the person receiving the gift will certainly be pleased to see that you have put time and effort into the gift. For those who have not yet discovered their creative streak and prefer to stick with inexpensive gifts, we’ve provided 5 gifts for under 50€.

Gifts under 150 €

Your sister likes classic and elegant and your brother loves the hip Scandi style? Whether it’s for your mom, dad, siblings or friends, we definitely have something for everyone, and who says that you can’t put yourself a nice present under the Christmas tree? So here you can find our top 5 gifts under 150 €. There should really be something for everyone.

Gifts under 300 €

You want to make sure that the gift is a real eye-catcher and sweeten that Christmas feeling for that lucky person? Then we have selected a few very special gifts. For all of you who like it a little more unusual, here are our specials under 300€.

We hope we were able to take away that yearly shopping anxiety and you are now going a little more relaxed into the Christmas season! Maybe some Kapten products made it to your gift list. And if it should nevertheless appear that your gift does not meet the hoped-for enthusiasm, we have extended our right of return until 08.01.2021. But Kaptens, we still have a little something up our sleeve: in order to make sure that you yourself will receive a nice present, we have prepared an advent calendar for you with daily prizes! Check out our Instagram Channel, you’ll find all the information there! So now turn up the Christmas music and set out the cookies – Christmas time is calling and we wish you a pleasant pre-Christmas season! 🎄