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After jointly designed sunglasses and prescription glasses in the same style, now comes the matching backpack! The lovely Vanessa graces us now for the third time with a new fashion creation from her unique fashion sense. As one of our longest standing partners, she has accompanied us for more than 2 years. Therefore, for us there was no question that the collaboration should go into the third round this year. May we introduce to you – the Aalborg by Vanezia Blum! Starting 04/24/2022 you can grab the backpack online as well as in our stores.


Most of you surely know Vanessa from her Instagram channel @vanezia_blum. There she takes her nearly 350 thousand followers through everyday life and on trips. But a special topic close to Vanessa’s heart is first and foremost animal welfare. For years she has been passionately committed to the animals of this world, whether stray dogs in Greece, animal rescue centers in Romania or support for animal shelters in Germany. The focus is always on the chance of a happy life for animals of all kinds.
And this motto does not only apply to animal rescue, Vanessa also stands up for the topics feminism and self-love and encourages young women to stand up for themselves with self-confidence. We are happy to have such a lovely and authentic creator at our side!  


In addition to her activist commitment, Vanessa also has a pretty deft hand for fashion, which can already be admired with her own label: Vanezia. She also applied this fashion talent to the creation of her backpack. The choice for the model was our new Aalborg. With its completely expandable back and front and outer pockets, the Aalborg is a real space miracle. Vanessa has reinterpreted the classic backpack design! You can expect a stylish, peachy beige tone combined with a soft cream-beige and intricate golden details. A subtle color combination that is perfect for spring!

Just like the last collaborations, the sale of the backpack is meant to support animal welfare, which is why 5€ per sold backpack will be donated to Save the Dogs in Kallikratia e.V. again. They are committed to animal welfare in Greece and have been supported by Vanessa on a voluntary basis for a long time.

Doing something good will be easier than ever! The quantities of the backpack are limited though, so be quick and snatch up the Aalborg by Vanezia Blum!

Have an awesome day! 🤗 

Summer is coming and the only thing you’re missing is the perfect pair of sunglasses? In collaboration with the popular French influencer Diane Perreau, we have created a new design for all sun worshippers. And that’s not the only good news – Diane has come up with two looks that are sure to turn heads! Beach vibe meets Parisian chic with the new Sofia by Diane Perreau styles!

About Diane

The French designer is known for her Instagram account @dianeperreau. There she provides daily insights into her private life and inspires with her sense of style and new outfit creations. Whether traveling to the Caribbean, daily fashion lifestyle in Paris or impressions of her second home in Sydney – her followers love her for the authentic excerpts from her life and especially for her likeable & down-to-earth nature. Diane has proven her fashion sense with the various Sofia models! The two sunglasses perfectly reflect Diane’s personality.

Sofia Black Tortoise by Diane Perreau 

On the one hand, the Sofia Black Tortoise expresses Diane’s elegant side. These sunglasses, in the trendy cat-eye style, come in a dark black-brown tone with color gradient, which gives the glasses a modern and yet very classic-elegant look. It is the perfect accessory for all city girls who prefer it classy!

Sofia Blossom Tortoise by Diane Perreau 

The other side reflects Diane’s feminine and subtle side. Inspired by her love of the beach and ocean breezes, the Sofia Blossom Tortoise comes in a playful look. The light pink shade perfectly matches the tortoise pattern of the frame. The perfect accessory for all the beach lovers among you!

These are two sunglasses that shine both in terms of design and quality. They are guaranteed to make any of your outfits an eye-catcher! But beware – be quick and do not miss the fashion highlight of the year, because the designs are only available in limited quantities!

Going into the second round! – We have a pair of sunglasses for you that you will not want to miss. A new cooperation with a familiar face – we have teamed up again with Sarah Harrison to design an absolute sunglass highlight for you!

About Sarah

The mother of two sweet daughters is known through her Instagram and YouTube channel. There she is followed by almost 3 million subscribers, who can follow the life of the Harrisons every day. In addition to everyday family life, Sarah shares workout routines and healthy recipes with her followers. On the side, she also founded her beauty brand Samion and most recently won the big celebrity baking competition – a true all-rounder! But if you know Sarah, you know that her channel is all about travel – so what product could suit her better than sunglasses?


For the second edition of our design collaboration with Sarah, the choice quickly fell on the Sofia model – a striking and modern shape for an elegant fashion statement. With great attention to detail and her absolute fashion sense, the popular influencer added her own touch to the sunglasses. The cat-eye frame made of acetate comes in the same shade as Sarah’s last pair of sunglasses: dark teak – a perfect interplay of amber and dark brown. But on top of that, there is the exclusive mackerel pattern, which makes the glasses a real eye-catcher. To round off the summery look, the glasses are complemented with dark brown lenses. See for yourself what a highlight in terms of design and quality these glasses have become!

With the Sofia by Sarah Harrison sunglasses, you’ll become a real eye-catcher and have the perfect accessory for any of your styles. The limited edition is sure to sell out quickly, so don’t wait too long and make them your daily companion!

Finally the time has come! We are finally able to reveal our big secret that we’ve been working on for the last few months with the charming and talented singer Sarah Engels! Sarah has proven her knack for hip fashion trends and designed her new backpack for you, the ‘Fyn by Sarah Engels’!


Sarah Engels is also known as “sarellax3” and gives you daily stories under this user name. She gives you an insight into her everyday life as a talented creator and singer, strong business woman and loving mom. Now Sarah has once again proven that she is an absolute all-rounder! With the look of her specially designed backpack model, she has given free rein to her creativity.


The ‘Fyn by Sarah Engels’ impresses above all with its playful design in a stylish color mix of soft taupe-brown and cream-beige tones. The playfulness is also underlined by a brown tassel that additionally spreads hip boho vibes. Depending on your preference, you can also remove the tassel and use it as a keychain! The material of the backpack is made of high quality tech material and recycled PET in embroidered look.

But the ‘Fyn by Sarah Engels’ is not only beautiful to look at – it also has a lot to offer you in terms of functionality! Due to its 14 liter capacity, as well as practical interior and exterior compartments, the interior 15 inch laptop compartment and the padded straps as well as the also padded and ergonomically shaped back, it is perfect as a daily companion for school or university!

We are in love and hope you are too 😊! If so, feel free to share your Fyn backpack with us under the hashtag #KaptenXSarah! And to you, dear Sarah, thank you for the collaboration and the beautiful design of our Fyn backpack model!

We are happy to introduce: the Bergen by Mascha! We designed a backpack in collaboration with Dutch influencer Mascha Feoktistova, also known as Beautygloss on Instagram and Youtube, called the “Bergen by Mascha”.

ABOUT Mascha – Inspiration

Known for her daily vlogs, tutorials and Q&As: the charming influencer Mascha Feoktistova! On her YouTube channel “beautygloss”, she provides her followers with handy tutorials, DIYs, taboo-breaking Q&A’s and storytelling videos. She also has her YouTube channel “Vloggloss”, in which she gives an insight into her daily life as a loving mother of Mila and wife of Gregor. With her backpack model: “Bergen by Mascha”, Mascha has put her versatility into a backpack.


The inspiration for the Bergen by Mascha: A fashionable, minimalistic backpack that is multi-purpose in all aspects of daily life as a mother, entrepreneur and friend. The backpack is ideal as a diaper bag with its large capacity and side pockets for baby-bottles, but it can also be effortlessly transformed into a backpack for leisure or work, thanks to its comfortable handles and padded laptop compartment. The light grey colour makes it super minimalistic and neutral, which makes it suitable for almost any look, and the playful lilac accents make it a real eye-catcher!

May we introduce: the Marais by Laviesanne! Together with the popular influencer Laviesanne from the Netherlands, we designed this stylish eyewear piece and are happy to present to you the result of this wonderful design collaboration. You want to get your hands on the Marais by Laviesanne? Then better be quick, because the amount of our blue light filter glasses (+/- prescription) are strictly limited!

ABOUT SANNE – Inspiration

She’s known for her sunny disposition, witty humor, and love for stylish fashion – that’s the charming content creator Sanne! On her Instagram account “laviesanne” she grants her followers daily authentic insights into her private life and shares likeable stories from her everyday life as a fashion-savvy, fun-loving wife & mother. With the eyewear model “Marais by Lavisanne”, Sanne has not only proven her sense of style, but also shown us her knack for current fashion trends!


The design of the “Marais by Laviesanne” impresses with its classic modern shape that is combined with a stylish clean color choice in a delicate cream-pink with added subtle color accents in beige. The high-quality acetate in a soft tortoise pattern gives these glasses their expressive look and makes them an absolute must-have for all glasses lovers! By the way: the Marais by Laviesanne is available as pure prescription glasses or just blue light filter glasses as well as prescription glasses with integrated blue light filter!

We’ve brought you something very special this time and don’t want to keep you in suspense any longer, because we’ve been waiting a while to tell you this great news! Together with the French model, influencer and style icon Paola Locatelli, we have designed a very special pair of sunglasses. And we’ll tell you all about it in this blog post. But first, this it-piece will be available in our online shop from May 8th – and be beware, because you have to be quick as these sunglasses will only be available in a strictly limited number of pieces! We have been working with Paola for a few years now and have recently approached her to start a design collaboration with us. It wasn’t just her radiant career that inspired us – those who know her from Instagram, know that she is a patron of the Aida Association, where she helps young people with cancer. Besides that, she’s already a really successful model at the age of 17. We are very delighted to be able to call such a creative and amazing soul our partner for this project. The result of this collaboration is a completely new model with a unique design. Paola was inspired by her Creole roots – her parents originally came from Cape Verde, so she incorporated the African summer flair of the island in the design. The Praia sunglasses impress with their chunky style. The rectangular model comes with wide temples that perfectly transition to the front part. Another special feature is the cool 3D effect that the sunglasses create through the lower lenses. But let’s move on to the most striking detail of the glasses – the color. Paola has chosen a crushed ice blue color and turquoise temples. The glasses are completed with added silver details. Paola has let her creativity run free and created a beautiful statement piece for the upcoming summer season. These glasses immediately lift your spirit as soon as you see them and give any outfit a fresh update. Paola is also delighted with the result and tells us: “designing my own signature sunglasses is a dream come true! I can’t wait to show my community the final result and hope they love these sunglasses as much as I do.”

We’re already absolutely in love with the new piece and can’t wait for the launch! So if you don’t want to miss out on this must-have, you should waste no time and get yourself a pair! Have fun shopping!

Yes, you heard it right! This spring you can expect a very special sunglasses collection – designed by the three style icons Viky Rader, Laura Noltemeyer and Constantly K. Each of the bloggers have given one of our sunglasses models their own signature and have created three stunning must-have sunglasses for the upcoming summer season!

Today we would like to introduce you to the Capsule Collection and the women behind it. The sunglasses will be available in our online shop from May 2nd, but they are strictly limited this time as we only ordered a small amount. You can’t wait to get yourself one of the new sunglasses? Then we have an insider tip for you: You can already register for our Early Access here and get an exclusive chance to shop the collection 24 hours before everyone else! Yay!

Amsterdam Large by Viky Rader 

With a lot of style and charm, Viky has built up her presence on Instagram, where she gives her community all insides to the fashion world. The mom of three inspires with not only the latest fashion trends, but is also very talented when it comes to interior design and lifestyle. With her flair for aesthetic looks and the knowledge of the latest trends, Viky is just the right person for our design collaboration and has outdone herself with the Amsterdam Large!

But take a look for yourself – the sunglasses come with a black oversized frame that contrasts with the extravagant orange lenses. The fine golden details round up the look of the sunglasses. With this it-piece, there is nothing standing in the way of your perfect summer outfit.

Florence by Laura Noltemeyer 

Creative mind and fashion lover – Laura Noltemeyer blogs about her life under the name “Designdschungel” and shares countless inspirations about design, fashion and art on her Instagram channel, while also sharing insights about her private life. Her affinity for fashion makes her the perfect match for our Blogger Capsule Campaign.

With the Florence, she has created a stunning pair of sunglasses in a dark tortoise look. The fashion blogger has given one of our favourite models an elegant and stylish update. We think that she can be really proud of herself for creating such a beautiful piece.

Valencia by Constantly K 

The third member of the group is Karin, known as Constantly K. With her dynamic and unique looks, she has been inspiring her community on Instagram and on her blog for years. Her passion for fashion drives her and by adding something extraordinary to an everyday look, she makes her outfits really special. Just like the other two, her mastery for current fashion trends makes her the perfect fit for our sunglasses collaboration.

Karin used her expertise for unconventional looks to design the sunglasses. She has designed an extraordinary accessory with this new Valencia pair. The cat-eye glasses come in a cool caramel tortoise look, with nicely matching green lenses. Karin has created a beautiful piece that no one can go without this summer.

Now it’s up to you, Kaptens! Be quick and register for Early Access now to get your hands on one of these strictly limited sunglasses styles! We wish you a wonderful day filled with sunshine! 🌼

She mesmerizes everyone, is one of the most famous body positivity influencers in the Netherlands and has a little thing for crystals – that’s right, we’re talking about none other than Joann van den Herik! The charismatic blogger inspires her huge community with her happiness and strength on a daily basis, and this time we had the pleasure of working with her on a design collaboration. The result: the new “Williamsburg by joannvdherik“, which will be available from April 24th in a very limited number in our online shop!

But first, let’s talk about Joann: If you don’t know her yet, you will surely fall in love with her right away! The joyous Joann advocates for countless issues, including physical and mental health, equality and inclusion. It’s no coincidence that she’s one of the most well-known body positivity influencers in the Netherlands. And besides her crystal collection, her family is particularly close to her heart. On top of that, she’s also an ambassador for the “Free A Girl” foundation, which rescues girls from exploitation around the world. This is also the reason why we decided to make this collaboration more than just a design collaboration. Together with Joann, we decided that a portion of the revenues earned from this sunglasses collaboration will be donated to that organization. Because not only do the shared values connect us with Joann but also the goal to change the world step by step and make a statement about it.

Last but not least, we want to introduce to you the timeless it-piece that Joann created with us. As you can already see, she chose the unisex vintage design of the “Williamsburg” sunglasses. The frame comes in a beautiful golden tone, which is the perfect combination to the warm brown lenses. The lenses come in a striking gradient color, giving them an urban retro charm. Joann has met the current fashion trends and designed this amazing must-have accessory for all fashion lovers.

So don’t miss out on this highlight, because you certainly don’t want to be without it this upcoming summer season! Have a great day!

Attention Kaptens! We have another exciting Influencer cooperation that we would like to share with you. Already in summer, this lovely woman from Aachen designed a very successful pair of sunglasses with us. Venezia Blum has been a part of our Kapten & Son Crew for many years and now she is back with a new product. Starting December 1st, you can get our new blue light filter/ prescription glasses Marais by Vanezia Blum, online and in our retail stores. Vanessa was inspired by the design of her sunglasses, matching that style for our model Marias.

About Vanessa

For many years already, Vanessa shares her everyday life on her Instagram account @vanezia_blum with her community. Always bringing along her favorite accessoires from Kapten & Son, including our watches, sunglasses and backpacks. Not only when she is traveling around the world but also in her daily life in Germany, where she discusses many diverse topics that are close to her heart. One is animal welfare – helping out stray dogs in Greece and volunteering in local animal shelters. Also, topics like feminism, self love and following a vegan diet are very important to Vanessa and often presented to her community. As you can see, Vanessa is really dedicated and we have chosen a real power woman for our Influencer cooperation.

Also, topics like feminism, self love and vegan living are very important to Vanessa and often presented to her community. As you can see, Vanessa is really dedicated and we have chosen a real power woman for our Influencer cooperation.

The Design

Let’s get back to the glasses. Vanessa has already added her own signature to the design of her sunglasses that we launched in early summer. Again, she signed the glasses in golden letters adding great detail. You can tell that she was very creative designing the new blue light filter/prescription glasses.

Lookwise, the glasses are dark brown with added tortoise patterns which are the same as her sunglasses – generating an expressive design. She really adds a personal touch to our model Marais large, making it the it-piece for your outfit or even the perfect combination for your casual everyday wear.

So Kaptens, we are ready for our Winter glasses edition, how about you? Then you should hurry up and get you Vanezia Blum glasses because they are limited and available now.

We wish you a wonderful day!