Spring collection


Hey Kaptens!

We are back to present our new backpack collection to you! Included are many of our existing models which we have given a fresh color update and also new texture and patterns. Of course, we also designed some entirely new models which we are convinced will stand out with their appearance and functionality. So stay excited because we are about to elaborate a little on our new backpack collection!

A fresh breeze of color

Let’s start this off with some of our smaller updates that we have added, such as the refreshing new colors that perfectly align with the spring season. Our models Tromso and Tromso small, which we just launched last year, received a lot of great feedback from you guys, so we updated the styles with a warm taupe tone – very fitting for the sunnie days that are ahead! Also a very admired model is our Vallen which will get a slightly different color update. This favorite will be available in our classic “Sandstone” color.

In addition, our shoulder bag Vanso will also be offered in a new color – the light blue shines like a perfectly blue sky and is going to be an eye-catcher for every outfit.

New looks with cool updates!

Let’s take a look at the new patterns which we have discovered for ourselves this year! As you might already know, the topic Sustainability is from great importance to us and has become a priority in our product development process. In the past, we have already switched to recycled PET fabric for most of our products. Our new material structure “SustainKnit” consists out of rPET as well and convinces with its knitted texture. At the same time, we are using a unique coating which creates a so-called “lotus effect”, keeping our backpacks water resistant. This new texture is very high quality, making the backpack not only look good but also last long!

But which backpacks are available in this new texture?

Are you already a fan of our Bergen Mint backpack? Then our new Bergen Mint Grey SustainKnit will be the right one for you. This simple and unisex backpack stands out through its new colorway of soft mint and a light grey, giving it a fresh urban look. In the same coloring you can find our backpack model Fyn.

But that is not the only color update our Fyn is getting in this collection. Drum roll please for our new Fyn Black Tangerine. The subtle knitted SustainKnit backpack surprises with its dash of color and even the small tap on the opening flap is in a light orange – so a real highlight for everyone that likes it casual and at the same time modern. Last but not least, we are releasing the Fyn Sandstone SustainKnit. By adding the new material mix to the beige color, the style becomes very charming while also being practical!

And since we are already talking about the “Sandstone” color, our shoulder bag Vanso will also be offered in this classic beige tone plus the SustainKnit, so it automatically becomes an eye-catcher for your daily strolls.

Next to our new SustainKnit we are introducing another new pattern for our backpacks to you! The sprinkled material is a recycling product by using small color particles from other materials. How do you like our new dotted pattern?

Sandstone for the win – More backpacks in your favorite color

Chic Scandinavian meets functionality – our multipurpose backpack Helsinki and Aarhus are finally available in a lighter version with our creme beige color. The small and subtle color splashes form an optical elegance. Both models can be used for school, the office or traveling, so they are a great choice and also perfect for the spring season. Another backpack that is covered in the sprinkle look is our new Fyn Mercury. This bag combines a light beige and added colorful splashes on a soft blue. Another reliable backpack that looks good at the same time. Since we really admire the color combination light blue together with sprinkles on white, we decided to give our best selling model Bergen and our chest bag Habo such a look. Beautiful pastel vibes over here! In addition, we are also launching the Habo in a warm terracotta color with perfectly matching light beige sprinkles on top!

The Lung backpack is getting an update – say hello to our new Lund Pro!

This favored style has been part of our assortment for many years! We say, it is time for a qualitative update which persuades not only through its looks but also its functionality. The Lund Pro offers a lot of storage space and with its practical front panel you can easily access all your things, even the small ones that are all the way at the bottom – just lay it flat, zip open and there you go! We have also designed our own backpack hook that perfectly closes the rolled up top of the bag. We are already launching our Lund Pro in four different colors, so that there is something in the mix for everyone, our four versions are: All Black, Sand Black Sprinkled, Sandstone Sprinkled and Mint Grey SustainKnit.

Make some room for our new chest bag “Sveg”

Clean, urban, minimalistic – that’s our new chest bag Sveg. Available in “All Black” and “Sandstone”, the bag delivers a classic style and is made out of our well-known vegan tech-material and rPET. The strap is adjustable so you can decide for yourself if you want to wear it as a hip bag or rather as a crossbody bag. With its hidden zipper and the spacious inside pocket the Sveg is the ideal companion for your everyday life!

There are now over 20 new styles available in our online shop, but also in our stores which are open in Vienna and starting on March 10th, also in Germany. We hope that with our blogpost we were able to give you a better overview of our new styles and sustainable materials and maybe you already found your new favorite bag!

We wish you a wonderful weekend Kaptens!

Heyy Kaptens! We are back with some great news! Are you longing for springtime and are over the freezing cold winter temperatures as well? Well then we have a wonderful surprise for you, which is going to bring the feeling of spring a little closer. Get ready because on February 20th 2021 we are launching this year’s new sunglasses collection! Including not only new color updates of your favorite models, but also 10 entirely new pieces. We are here to show you that you don’t necessarily need 30 degrees to wear sunglasses; you can already shine with your new stylish pair on a nice park stroll or even on your partly sunny balcony.

We are adding some extra color to the game

Our beloved style Amsterdam is getting another color update! With its new look in “Umber Tortoise Brown” this pair really sets a fashion statement and perfectly rounds up our Amsterdam models with its dark brown shade.

The Florence as well will be offered in a brown tortoise and will stand out with its slightly transparent frame and distinctive form. But there is more than just our brown tortoise update. This year we are also launching the Florence “Grey Tortoise Black”, with it grey-black marbling and extravagant frame this pair guarantees a fashionable look. And not only our sunglasses Florence are getting such a color update – so you can definitely stay excited!

Last year’s new arrival, our model Seoul, is already getting a new update as well! This one is also coming out in the new tortoise colors. Here, a dull gold meets a warm brown or the grey-black pattern and creates an upscale look! This mix of the materials makes our sunglasses Seoul a real eye-catcher!

One of our bestsellers will adapt the grey tortoise color as well; our classic model Maui! The timeless pair shines in a new light with this needed color update!

And last but not least, our sunglasses Manhattan will be available in “Sand Tortoise Black”, making it stand out from our other updates with its light pattern – definitely another eyecatcher added to the mix!

Time for a few new frames!

The bigger the better – that is the mantra of our new pair Amsterdam large. We decided to give our all time favorite model not only a color update but also letting it shine in a new size. Available in “Pearl Black”, “Umber Tortoise Brown” and “Mineral Tortoise Brown”, those models definitely stand out with their cool designs.

Many of you already enjoy the style of our computer glasses, so we thought, why don’t we use those pairs as an inspiration for new sunglasses? So we did, and you can now purchase our models: Williamsburg, Marais, Pasadena and Belleville in many different versions such as “Tortoise Green”, “Gradient Brown” or simply in “All Black”. Here, timeless elegance meets stylish coolness. With those new styles, you can rely on the look of your favorite glasses, making the decision a little easier.

When it comes to sunglasses, you like the bold styles that definitely make you stand out? Then we have the perfect pairs for you! In our new collection, we have included some must-haves for all sunglass lovers! Our models: Toulouse, Sofia or Porto, all attract attention with their exceptional fit and charming frames!

For the first time, we also added a frameless pair of sunglasses to the collection: the Capetown. The ombré colored lenses with its golden details remind us of the 90’s and simultaneously makes the glasses look very chic! Lastly, we have some additional news to tell you! With our new sunglasses collection, we are also launching new eyewear chains. With those you can round up the perfect look and be ready for the warmer days! So Kaptens, don’t hesitate to check out our website with all the new styles and get ready to enjoy the first spring days!

We wish you a wonderful and sunny weekend!