NEW IN – New models, new colors, new material! We start the spring with the next generation of sunglasses and glasses. All Eyes on Tomorrow is the motto – but why?

We don’t want to be the typical watch brand or eyewear brand. Nor just any backpack brand. No. We at Kapten & Son offer you your EVERYDAY COMPANION. For every occasion and for every Kapten. And that’s how we want our new frames to become your daily companions. The piece that you can’t put down and that accompanies you every step of the way. So we had to create something that will be a faithful companion not only today, but for a long time to come.


The Collection is our next step towards a more sustainable future. Because what we decide today becomes a part of tomorrow, so we want to start our first step now.


And it all starts with the material: As you may know, our eyewear frames are mostly made of acetate. It consists of 70% cellulose and is therefore already more sustainable than conventional glasses made of plastic. 3% are made up of processed color pigments, depending on the coloring of your glasses. And the remaining 27% is diethyl phthalate, a plasticizer that makes the material more supple and flexible. The disadvantage of this substance is that its production is based on petroleum. That is not very climate-friendly. So it was clear to us that it was time to take the next step!

So a large part of our sunglasses collection now consists of triacitin. A compound made from renewable raw materials such as acetic acid and glucose, which is safe for nature and humans. So the bio-acetate we use is 97% renewable resources and 100% mineral oil free. For us, a huge success in terms of sustainability!


Now we come to the really exciting news: the new frames! You can expect eight exciting new models for the upcoming summer season. Enough choice to enjoy the coming sunshine hours to the fullest!

On the one hand we have the Manila – with its square design it makes a striking variation to our ever-popular Marais. The special design with the honeycomb rim makes it an it-piece for all sun lovers.

Then there’s the Lisbon: classic elegance combined with modern cool. The fully rectangular bio-acetate frame combines an iconic oversized shape with a dash of Carl Frederiksen from the Disney movie “UP”. Who can say no to this must-have?

Another model in the new collection is the Nairobi. The feminine oversized frame with a hint of 80s office vibe makes these glasses a sunglass highlight. Playful and elegant at the same time – the perfect combination!

Also in the mix is the Prague – our sweet spot between Maui and Paris. In a light cat-eye shape, the glasses are extravagant and stylish. Perfect for all those who like to stand out.

The icing on the cake from the collection: the Sydney. With its edgy design, it playfully creates an edgy look. If you’re looking for an eye-catcher for your glasses collection, you’re sure to find it with these cat-eye glasses!

Tallin: the 80s icon among our new sunglasses. Here, classic elegance meets modern finesse. The large, square frame makes the glasses a special feature and enhances any outfit.

Tallinn Umber Tortoise Brown
Tallinn Transparent Hazel Brown

A model with recognition value – the Vienna is the feminine alternative to our London. The classic design is rounded off with a soft and discreet cat-eye look and makes the glasses a trend-safe everyday companion.

And lastly, we have the Zurich. An ultra-thin acetate-stainless steel combination that makes the double nose bridge hip again. With this model, we have reinterpreted the popular style of aviator glasses! For those who are looking for an individual look.

As if that wasn’t enough, you’re also spoiled when it comes to the model colors! New in the selection are Transparent Hazel, Toffee Tortoise and the Caramel Collection, a warm brown that will have you dreaming of summer. All of our eyewear models are available not only as sunglasses, but also as regular frames for your computer or prescription glasses!

With these many updates, we hope to kickstart your weekend and hope that your new favorite was also included!

We celebrate love in all its facets! For us, that also includes fragrance. So we asked ourselves – what is your love scent? After all, our brain is the largest and most exciting perfumery in the world.We store fragrances in it non-stop – and with them intense memories. Just a tiny breeze and we feel taken back to the time when we first smelled that very special note.

Everyone knows the scent of a sea breeze.
When, after a long journey, you stand by the sea for the first time and breathe in the fresh ocean breeze.

The smell of rain.
When the summer thunderstorm slowly approaches and hits the hot asphalt.

Something metallic in the air.
When it is quite cold outside, the breath can already be seen in the air, just before the snow trickles down to earth.  

All this is just a small excerpt of what memories smells can awaken in us. But the treasure of our scent memories is much bigger and directly connected to our feelings. That’s exactly why we chose a fragrance for our Valentine’s Special. It is meant to remind us of spring and love – refreshingly floral and radiantly warm.

If you are looking for a very special fragrance that represents the beauty of the wearer and is a perfect companion in any situation? Then this fragrance is just for you! Our new perfume “Loire” inspires the senses and expresses carefree joie de vivre – an unconventional fragrance that enchants! Delicate, floral nuances of lovely jasmine, freesia and lily of the valley, paired with mandarin, green tea and seaweed envelop in harmonious freshness and awaken the feeling of joy and lightness.

A composition whose unmistakable warmth and individuality underline modern elegance and enliven its radiance.

Whether it’s for your best friend, freshly in love or a long-term relationship, people all over the world use Valentine’s Day to celebrate with their loved ones. Maybe you, too, can use our fragrance to describe what love smells like to you. Our Valentine’s Special gives you a free Loire Eau de Parfum (15ml) with every order of 50€ or more. Just right for all those who are still looking for the right gift! And if it may be the new Kapten & Son fragrance, you can find it now in our store!

Don’t wait too long and get caught up in the romantic magic of this day! Express your feelings this Valentine’s Day with our new fragrance!

Heyy Kaptens! We are back with some great news! Are you longing for springtime and are over the freezing cold winter temperatures as well? Well then we have a wonderful surprise for you, which is going to bring the feeling of spring a little closer. Get ready because on February 20th 2021 we are launching this year’s new sunglasses collection! Including not only new color updates of your favorite models, but also 10 entirely new pieces. We are here to show you that you don’t necessarily need 30 degrees to wear sunglasses; you can already shine with your new stylish pair on a nice park stroll or even on your partly sunny balcony.

We are adding some extra color to the game

Our beloved style Amsterdam is getting another color update! With its new look in “Umber Tortoise Brown” this pair really sets a fashion statement and perfectly rounds up our Amsterdam models with its dark brown shade.

The Florence as well will be offered in a brown tortoise and will stand out with its slightly transparent frame and distinctive form. But there is more than just our brown tortoise update. This year we are also launching the Florence “Grey Tortoise Black”, with it grey-black marbling and extravagant frame this pair guarantees a fashionable look. And not only our sunglasses Florence are getting such a color update – so you can definitely stay excited!

Last year’s new arrival, our model Seoul, is already getting a new update as well! This one is also coming out in the new tortoise colors. Here, a dull gold meets a warm brown or the grey-black pattern and creates an upscale look! This mix of the materials makes our sunglasses Seoul a real eye-catcher!

One of our bestsellers will adapt the grey tortoise color as well; our classic model Maui! The timeless pair shines in a new light with this needed color update!

And last but not least, our sunglasses Manhattan will be available in “Sand Tortoise Black”, making it stand out from our other updates with its light pattern – definitely another eyecatcher added to the mix!

Time for a few new frames!

The bigger the better – that is the mantra of our new pair Amsterdam large. We decided to give our all time favorite model not only a color update but also letting it shine in a new size. Available in “Pearl Black”, “Umber Tortoise Brown” and “Mineral Tortoise Brown”, those models definitely stand out with their cool designs.

Many of you already enjoy the style of our computer glasses, so we thought, why don’t we use those pairs as an inspiration for new sunglasses? So we did, and you can now purchase our models: Williamsburg, Marais, Pasadena and Belleville in many different versions such as “Tortoise Green”, “Gradient Brown” or simply in “All Black”. Here, timeless elegance meets stylish coolness. With those new styles, you can rely on the look of your favorite glasses, making the decision a little easier.

When it comes to sunglasses, you like the bold styles that definitely make you stand out? Then we have the perfect pairs for you! In our new collection, we have included some must-haves for all sunglass lovers! Our models: Toulouse, Sofia or Porto, all attract attention with their exceptional fit and charming frames!

For the first time, we also added a frameless pair of sunglasses to the collection: the Capetown. The ombré colored lenses with its golden details remind us of the 90’s and simultaneously makes the glasses look very chic! Lastly, we have some additional news to tell you! With our new sunglasses collection, we are also launching new eyewear chains. With those you can round up the perfect look and be ready for the warmer days! So Kaptens, don’t hesitate to check out our website with all the new styles and get ready to enjoy the first spring days!

We wish you a wonderful and sunny weekend!