Valentine’s Day 2022


We celebrate love in all its facets! For us, that also includes fragrance. So we asked ourselves – what is your love scent? After all, our brain is the largest and most exciting perfumery in the world.We store fragrances in it non-stop – and with them intense memories. Just a tiny breeze and we feel taken back to the time when we first smelled that very special note.

Everyone knows the scent of a sea breeze.
When, after a long journey, you stand by the sea for the first time and breathe in the fresh ocean breeze.

The smell of rain.
When the summer thunderstorm slowly approaches and hits the hot asphalt.

Something metallic in the air.
When it is quite cold outside, the breath can already be seen in the air, just before the snow trickles down to earth.  

All this is just a small excerpt of what memories smells can awaken in us. But the treasure of our scent memories is much bigger and directly connected to our feelings. That’s exactly why we chose a fragrance for our Valentine’s Special. It is meant to remind us of spring and love – refreshingly floral and radiantly warm.

If you are looking for a very special fragrance that represents the beauty of the wearer and is a perfect companion in any situation? Then this fragrance is just for you! Our new perfume “Loire” inspires the senses and expresses carefree joie de vivre – an unconventional fragrance that enchants! Delicate, floral nuances of lovely jasmine, freesia and lily of the valley, paired with mandarin, green tea and seaweed envelop in harmonious freshness and awaken the feeling of joy and lightness.

A composition whose unmistakable warmth and individuality underline modern elegance and enliven its radiance.

Whether it’s for your best friend, freshly in love or a long-term relationship, people all over the world use Valentine’s Day to celebrate with their loved ones. Maybe you, too, can use our fragrance to describe what love smells like to you. Our Valentine’s Special gives you a free Loire Eau de Parfum (15ml) with every order of 50€ or more. Just right for all those who are still looking for the right gift! And if it may be the new Kapten & Son fragrance, you can find it now in our store!

Don’t wait too long and get caught up in the romantic magic of this day! Express your feelings this Valentine’s Day with our new fragrance!