Winter 2020


Or maybe we should rather say, it is already pretty cold outside! The winter weather has arrived almost everywhere and especially after the holidays it’s been great to be able to spend some time at home and just relax. Alongside with all the snow, warm tea and a cozy blanket, awaits you our winter sale. From January 8th until the 18th, we offer our favorite products for up to 50% off. To give you a better overview which products are on sale, we used this blogpost to put together a nice selection. So let’s see where the sales are at so that you are not missing out on any of them.

Save on our watches!

We are starting with one of our classic watch models: our Chrono and Chrono Small! Selective materials, quality and premium processing with a clear scandinavian design, make our Chrono the absolute eyecatcher. From our Chrono silver “steel” to our Chrono “all black croco” you can get 15% off on the different styles. Feel free to take a look if your favorite watch made it into our sale section as well.

Even longtime classic models like our Heritage and Crush are part of the sale – here you can get 20% off on our Crush steel straps in black and white and save 30% on the different Heritage styles.

But that is not all! You can save even more on our models Pure, Campus and Campina where the sale ranges from 30% up to 50% which you should not miss out on.

Don’t miss the great backpack sale!

Included in our sale is one of our new arrivals – the Fyn “taupe” The casual look of this backpack and its spaciousness make it the perfect companion for everyday adventures. And even more colors of our Fyn backpack are included in the sale with 30% off.

Do you guys remember the two limited editions of our Alesund by Ana Johnson? During the summertime we launched two versions of the Alesund with the Influencer. Throughout our Winter sale you are getting the chance to get our last remaining Alesund small backpacks and even saving 20% on them! In addition, a few of our kids backpacks are also on sale!

And you can save even more on our models Oslo, Lund, Lillestrom and Copenhagen where we offer 30% and more on various colorways.

The bargains among our glasses and sunglasses

Despite the cold winter days, you can’t stop thinking about sunshine and the beach? Well, no problem! We are in the same boat and to already prepare for the summer season we have included many of our sunglasses models in our sale. From the Atlanta sunglasses to the model Valencia, we offer many styles with up to 50% off.

Included is our all time favorite, the Amsterdam sunglasses. Those fit with everything and never get boring, whether you get them in mineral tortoise brown or in summernight. Among our sunglasses collection are also many Influencer pieces which are also discounted with 30% off, like the Berkeley by Angelina Pannek, the Orlando by lamoiredesoso or the Waikiki by LeGer.

Last but not Least – Accessoires on sale

You can’t forget our accessoires – from our chest bags and wallets to phone cases, there are many discounts to take advantage of. For example we offer 20% on our bestsellers – the chest bag Habo and shoulder bag Vanso. Of course, other products like our new suitcases, and our glasses are part of the sale as well! To be on the safe side and not miss any of your favorite products on sale you should just click through our collections on our website and maybe you will find a perfect new treasure!

We hope you had a good start into the new year and wish you H A P P Y S H O P P I N G! ❄️

Attention Kaptens! We have another exciting Influencer cooperation that we would like to share with you. Already in summer, this lovely woman from Aachen designed a very successful pair of sunglasses with us. Venezia Blum has been a part of our Kapten & Son Crew for many years and now she is back with a new product. Starting December 1st, you can get our new blue light filter/ prescription glasses Marais by Vanezia Blum, online and in our retail stores. Vanessa was inspired by the design of her sunglasses, matching that style for our model Marias.

About Vanessa

For many years already, Vanessa shares her everyday life on her Instagram account @vanezia_blum with her community. Always bringing along her favorite accessoires from Kapten & Son, including our watches, sunglasses and backpacks. Not only when she is traveling around the world but also in her daily life in Germany, where she discusses many diverse topics that are close to her heart. One is animal welfare – helping out stray dogs in Greece and volunteering in local animal shelters. Also, topics like feminism, self love and following a vegan diet are very important to Vanessa and often presented to her community. As you can see, Vanessa is really dedicated and we have chosen a real power woman for our Influencer cooperation.

Also, topics like feminism, self love and vegan living are very important to Vanessa and often presented to her community. As you can see, Vanessa is really dedicated and we have chosen a real power woman for our Influencer cooperation.

The Design

Let’s get back to the glasses. Vanessa has already added her own signature to the design of her sunglasses that we launched in early summer. Again, she signed the glasses in golden letters adding great detail. You can tell that she was very creative designing the new blue light filter/prescription glasses.

Lookwise, the glasses are dark brown with added tortoise patterns which are the same as her sunglasses – generating an expressive design. She really adds a personal touch to our model Marais large, making it the it-piece for your outfit or even the perfect combination for your casual everyday wear.

So Kaptens, we are ready for our Winter glasses edition, how about you? Then you should hurry up and get you Vanezia Blum glasses because they are limited and available now.

We wish you a wonderful day!